3D Print Quality Adequate?

So I occasionally go and make personal MOC’s every now and then, and I usually do this between art projects and such so my time on them is greatly stretched out. However, I’ve always considered the idea of either buying a 3D printed mask or weapon design or even getting my own 3D printer to attempt at making unique designs. But I’m not too sure how these printed pieces would work out in the long-run. By this I mean I don’t know how durable they are, how fragile or even how texture-friendly.

I guess what I’m asking is this: how good are 3D printed designs and is it worth looking into? I would imagine it would depend on who or what online site makes them but I’m not too sure…

Resin is cool

Recommended to me by KhingK; a portion of sales goes to the modelers


Thanks, there’s some really cool looking stuff on that shop!

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I have worked with a 3D printer for some time, and I can say that 3D printed parts are pretty tough, if not totally hollow inside. Like I can stand on wheel on a picture below and it wouldn’t break. And the quality of pieces really depends on price of printer. This one was printed on a pretty cheap printer :point_down:.

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thanks, this is good stuff to know.

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