3D-printable articulated Toa Mata torso

Yo yo, new guy here, you might know me as Cezium on Flickr and other sites. I'll be dumping some of my MOCs in the appropriate topic in due time, but until then have a 3D thing I made. It’s a Toa Mata torso with 2 points of articulation and working pistons. Obligatory Shapeways link: http://shpws.me/OlNb


looks great, but I think that balljoint is way too small, looks like it will easily break, but maybe Im wrong

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Thanks! Shapeways plastic is actually quite strong, so there should be no problems. The weakest part might be the upper pistons, but to remedy that I've included 4 spare pieces.


I might buy this in the future, since this looks pretty cool.

This is a really cool idea, but the pistons seem kinda fragile IMO

Ooh yeah i think i follow you on Flickr
welcome to the boards n all

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Looks great!

That ball joint does look terribly small though...