3D printed Gali hook

Simply put, I never had two blue hooks for my Gali Mata set. She was a hand-me-down from my cousin, so you can probably guess why there was only one hook. I did have an orange coloring of the hook, which is what I used until I couldn’t stand it anymore. The first print of the hook had the axle part slightly too big, so what you’re seeing is the second print. I also decided to print a set of larger ones (last picture), and gave one of those to a friend. In the end, the hook never cleaned up very well, and feels very fragile compared to the real one, so I’ll be getting a replacement in the near future.


The larger one looks very clean and polished, whereas the small one looks kinda rough and textury.

Any reason why?

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I used the 3D printer I had access to at school, and the first hook was printed near the beginning of the schoolyear, while the larger ones were printed in April. Somewhere in between the two, we found a better temperature to print builds at, so the bigger ones were easier to clean up. Also, the bigger ones printed better because the details weren’t as fine, which was easier for the printer to do.


That large one tho


Dat big hook looks like it could kill a man.


Hopefully that isn’t one of us, that thing is scary…

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Should have made a Kanohi Hau too.

Would’ve, but I didn’t trust myself with masks.


Its a shame that 3D printers are so difficult to get and use as it would be a way to replicate old discontinued pieces.


How did you get the dimensions of Gali’s hook?

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It looks amazing, really good job on the 3D printing.

Something I’ve thought about is making a plastic molding press, like the one Lego has, but made with EV3. Using Legos to make Legos.

Maybe you can make a more life size Gali model :slight_smile:

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i hand-measured everything the best i could

unfortunately, i no longer have access to 3D modeling/printing for free.

Shame :<

Maybe you can make your own 3D Printer

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with another 3D printer :wink: