3D printed Mata Revamp: Lewa

Originally I had created some 3D printed Toa Mata revised parts, I held a contest and sold 8 kits of Lewa conversion parts. Here are some pics of the build, I'll be setting up an Etsy shop soon to sell parts for people to get their own!


Love it. It is just a bit to bright (I mean the limbs).


How long till the contest winners get theirs?

Should be near the end of the week till beginning of next.


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RIP bottom leg

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Yeah, unfortunately that particular leg misprinted at the time I was taking pics so I opted not to include it.

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I love it. The added articulation makes the character feel a lot more dynamic than before.

Does the torso include room to add gears for enough friction to pose his arm?

Yes, the friction in the peg holes allows enough room for the character to use the gear function as well as hold it in place. Its not a super loose hole, but it does gave enough friction to freely spun the axle

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Woah hey this is awesome.

I like how they can be articulated.

these articulated g1 styled joints are so cool

I've expressed my love for this project in the other topic, but seeing it all put together and put into dynamic poses really shows off how cool and game changing these parts can be.

In the future, I hope to get my hands on one of those kits (or the individual parts if you don't sell full kits).

Possibly in the next week or so the Etsy shop will be live for part resale. I've been mostly making sure I can make quality parts for people so I've been putting them through rough tests and revising. So far here is a pic of the parts thatve made it



I need a Kopaka and Pohatu now.



Lehatu is all I got

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I would suggest adding molded ball joints on the lower ball joint, and maybe finding a more settle shade of lime. Other than that, looks great!

If you sold Voriki kits with these articulated printed parts I would buy one so fast.


If you could somehow find a slightly more accurate light green color, I would absolutely buy these!

The Mata had some nice designs but terrible sets, and in my opinion these fix most of the issues!


Well I'm sure its as easy as printing them in black and purple torso! When the shop picks up I'd be happy to buy more colors