3D Printing and Modeling

I’ve been on the message boards for a while and have noticed that there really isn’t a place on the forums where anyone can post pictures of their 3D models and 3D prints that they have created. So this is basically someplace where people are free to share their 3D models, tips on 3D printing and modeling, and things regarding stuff like 3D printers.

So, to start off this topic, here are some of my models:
F+M axle connector cleaned
maelstrom cannon-sword
new pieces
Niklas Jansson's Idea for a poseable minifigure

So what you have created with your skills so far? Feel free to ask me about anything 3D printing if you have a question about it. And the 3D printer that I have is a Prusa i3 MK2.


Could you create a hau?

I need that first one. :stuck_out_tongue:

I cant be the only one who finds this piece useful

am I? I cant model it because I suck,


That piece is pretty useful for moccing

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I’ve been also wanting to make that, I had the same idea. Wait, you haven’t modeled that? so is that someone else’s model or was that photoshopped?

@YEE that is one of the current pieces that I am working on and I may put it up on shapeways when I have fine tuned it


I just photoshopped it, it has been in my head for quite a long time

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I definitely could model it, just want to fine tune the first model that I posted to get the correct measurements first

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Your models are amazing :heart_eyes:
In the moment I learn how I get good models because I´m not so good in it.

These are the spikes from my Death Crown (MoUP). This isn´t something like Cyberhand would do but in the moment I like it:)


Is there gonna be a bottom half or did make this with the sole intention of making it just an actual crown?

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thank you, I try hard on my models. That is a good looking model you got there already. I can’t wait to see how it’'ll turn out.

something I also was wondering if someone would like it is a Mask of Creation & Control

made this concept a while ago, dont know if anyone could actually make it


There will be a bottom half.

This is the mask I try to recreate.

@BioToa7 do you know how thin the swords are which the minifigures can hold?

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The concept of just a crown add-on itself is an interesting thought though…


i need this

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We need these!

I unfortunately don’t know but thanks to my dad, I now have digital calipers, so now I will be able to find out now. I may edit this post later when I know.

@Skycraft so the diameter of the minifigure poles are 2.3mm


Pretty hyped, it’s coming soon.

I know right. I really want to buy one when they give us the option to buy it. @Cyber-Hand was actually one of the supporters on kickstarter so he should be receiving his soon. I’m curious as to how well it works.

still apprehensive over the secondary costs like continuing to buy the films needed and the small bottles of resin, but yeah.