3d printing measurements

Hi guys, I am 3d printing some masks, but every time I try to get the axle measurements right, it’s always too small or too big. Please help me get the measurements for the axle, stud, and more. Thanks.


according to a quick google search, the diameter of a lego axle is 4.8 MM, with that being roughly the same for studs. does this help?


It does, but I tried that multiple times, and the axle was slightly off, either smaller or larger.

as a fellow 3d printer, (as in I also own a 3d printer, not that I AM a 3d printer) a large part of it is going to be the dimensional accuracy of your machine, 3d printed parts are basically never gonna fit quite right, even printing multiple of the same gcode will get you different results


Sanding the axel down, or placing something (putty, aluminum foil, etc…) around the axel can be a quick solution to oversized and undersized axels respectively


Is it an fdm or resin printer?

I don’t know because It’s the school’s 3d printer. It prints solid plastic in rounds, so I think its fdm, but I don’t know. The model is Dremel DigiLab 3D40

Yup, that is an fdm printer, they are pretty inaccurate with the axles, they can often end up asymmetrical. Like Adobe said, you should try to sand them down, if it doesn’t fit in, it is quite tedious, but there isn’t really a simple way to change that.
You could try printing studded masks instead, they are usually more accurate.


Thanks for the help.