3L1-SE: A Quick and Simple MOC

A long time ago (as in October, 2022), I shared a small MOC on Scratch that no one really noticed. A few months later, I was clearing out my MOC shelf to make room for some new guys when I suddenly had the urge to update it. With some pieces I had recently bought and more building skills than last time, I revamped the MOC to be closer to what I originally had in mind.

And so, here is 3L1-SE (2.0):

She does not have eyes because the original’s were made from paper and got kind of creased. I planned to have some printed faces made that would fit on the screen, but I never got around to it (if you want, you can make your own faces for her).

The idea was to make something like the drones from Murder Drones (that series on YouTube, I watched a few scenes and thought the robot design was cool). The tie is actually to cover up some supports that show through the holes of the armor plate, but it does kind of sell the appearance a bit more.

At the moment, the only “lore” I have concerning this character is that yes, she’s in the Bionicle universe, and that the inventor was some sort of Great Beings wannabe who died before finishing. As such, 3L1-SE was supposed to be rather quirky, as if the programming was done by someone who didn’t know what they were doing (and she was originally going to be missing an arm and half her leg).

As you can see, the build is very simple and uses pieces that just about everyone has. I can post more break-down photos if you want to see more. Feel free to use the design if you want to make your own characters!

The original:

(sorry if it’s blurry, I couldn’t find the original picture)


I like the original better,though the newer one is still pretty good.

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Legs cool :+1: Same with the tie thing. Would like to see yet another revamp, in my opinion the likes of Mega Man would be inspirational.