3rd Party Toy Companies

I find a large amount of 3rd party Transformers toys, but otherwise here’s a topic of third party toys who create the perfect toys for perfectionists of certain characters or figures done better, or create cool accessories/addons to make a preexisting figure better!


I like Minifigs4U. Mostly Star Wars minifigs, but very high quality and they have good weapons.

Brickarms and Brickforge are amazing.

That is all.


Brickwarriors makes some awesome stuff- I’m not a fan of brick forge, but brickarms and brickwarriors are both awesome.

I never own any 3rd Party stuff,but I did own a KO Lightsaber that is something.

I’m only familiar with the 3rd Party Transformers, and that I know I want them but they’re too expensive.

I really want toget alot of the third party master pieces (Transformers)

you know, i think i will order the Jester stuff from Brick Warriors:

they would look great on Jestro.

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Hey, that’s Brickwarriors! Yeah, they sell packs in TRU and maybe a few other places.

They’re great! I have a bunch of accessories.