4 Brain Attack Mocs (Updated!)

Lets get this out of the way. Hero Factory is a guilty pleasure to me. The entire line is something I loved from start to finish. After the end of a serious, and quite dark series, it was a breath of fresh air to experience a funnier, less serious line. That being said, I've always loved expanding on HF's universe through mocing, and these 2 mocs are no exception. Now, lets keep some things in mind:

  • When I make HF Mocs, I keep things relatively simple to the CCBS building style. I may break this rule with some villains, but it always applies to all non-XL heroes. Don't expect anything complex here.

  • These mocs in particular are based on Brain Attack, these would exist around that time, when the attack was taking place. So.. yeah.

Got it? Awesome! Now lets do this!

1rst up, the villain! Beeltic, as it's called.

This is a normally peaceful, small, harmless insect, now possessed by a brain parasite. The insect itself is already quite large, and the mutation has only increased it's size. Now, infested, it is a force to be reckoned with.

Here are the standard shots of the thing, with a close up for fun. (Actually supposed to be a shot of it's belly but hey))

Here we have it rearing up for an attack. It's stiff tail acts like a third leg here. This stance is only taken for killing blows, and Beeltic normally attacks in other ways.

Now, who's the hero made to combat this beast? Well, none, actually. See, out hero wasn't equipped for defeating these beasts, but happened to be near it in an inopportune time. He goes by Alec Floran, a member of the Hero Factory's forest recon. These heroes are equipped with tools to explore and search forests for any villains in hiding, as well as the weapons to take them out.

Onto Floran himself though.

Front and Back shots, as usual.

He carries 2 tools. One is his long Grass-Blade, used to cut long blades of grass in the way, or as a standard sword. His gun-arm is powered by a solar generator stored in his back, and can shoot one large, solar energy sphere. It does not cause any damage to the environment or any terrain, but can paralyze living beings for a short time.

NOW, LET THEM FIGHT. Tell me what you think, as always~


Yep! I've built 2 more, isnt that neat!

Lets start with the villain again! This is the Thundorc.
An ape-like creature infested by the brain, its mace and plasma claw provide a great threat to the citizenship of the city. As a moc, I just wanted to use the 2008 Takanuva head for something cool. It fits with the brain just fine, too!

Front and Back shot.

Action shot.

Now, onto the hero. Here's where things get odd. See, this guy isn't my original character, rather a revamp of an official HF character. Featured ONLY in the Brain Attack game, a Blue and Light-Green hero named Max Shoota, captain of the guard. I wanted to revamp him in some way, so I did. Have a look-see!

Front and Back shots, as usual.

Max Shoota himself is trained to use all kinds of ranged weaponry to its max potential, pun intended. However, he prefers light single-handed guns, as shown by his weapon here. The Plasmagnum Mark 2 is a light handgun that can shoot rapid fire rounds, or a charged shot to paralyze opponents for a short time. (For those SSB4 players, it's either Fox's blaster, or Zero Suit Samus' blaster.)

The original version from the Brain Attack App. I changed a LOT of things, mainly because many of these pieces don't come in these colors.


I shall now tag those who commented on the last 2, maybe ya'll will like these guys?

Once again, leave your thoughts down there!
Ya'll are awesome~



But seriously thought,these are pretty neat.

Beeltic especially is cool.

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XD OMG. Now i have to explain this mess-up.

The original creature is dog-sized, so small for us, large when compared to other insects. I dunno thats how I can justify it.


Not to big on the hero, though I love the design of the creature.

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Noice! :smile:

Looking good, Viridi! I really like Max Shoota and the first one looks kinda like something from Magic: The Gathering. Specifically... This thing, the Ichorclaw Myr:


Anywho, these are really nice!

I like these. Personally, I would have left out the dark green on Floran, and either swap out the lime for more red or red for more lime. But otherwise these look good, and it's nice to see some HF mocs after it's discontinuation.

Man! These are better than the last two! :smiley: