#4: Po-Matoran (MNOG Project)

Well that’s not wrong…


I did. I’m glad there’s some doubt - I didn’t think that paint was a good enough colour match.

Is that the misprint Matatu?

No - I painted it. Those things cost way too much

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I figured.
I saw one for 25 dollars, I really hoped you didn’t pay that.

Foolishly, I did for the red, blue and green ones :frowning:

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At least they look really good…

Mmm, Mahi steaks.

Nice job on that Mahi. This is a really cool project, looking forward to more.

I’d also be curious, after it’s finished, to know how much the entire project cost. Of course, if you didn’t want to share that information, I would totally understand.

I wasn’t counting, but I’d have to guess that - with all the side-builds like the Ga-Koro boat and the wasted parts I bought along the way - the project set me back at least £300. Luckily I don’t spend much on anything else :stuck_out_tongue:

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I really like those too!

Mother of Mata Nui… You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to both see, and do something like this, though I’ve always been far to paranoid about painting pieces to replicate all of the Matoran due to the fact I wouldn’t know what colors would appear correctly on them. This is amazing to see someone doing something like this, and I might honestly have to replicate your set up just to put on a shelf as a testament to an amazing game, and sadly the closest thing to the world of Mata Nui we ever got.

Also, if I may ask, when the project is done, are you planning on naming what the names of the paints you used to get those colors just right? Because this seriously is amazing, and definitely worth shelling out the money to recreate when the project is finished, the perfect display for any BIONICLE fan.


Thanks for the comment :slight_smile:

I’ve already made a topic listing all the paints I use (provided they’re unmixed and are a reasonably good colour match). You can find that here:

i reccomend buying a blue kau kau for kivi and painting that brown. That way you can get the mask you want without getting rid of the rare mask.

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That would involve making him blind by painting over the visor, though.
If it wasn’t so expensive, I would have painted the orange one and left the visor orange.

I think what @mrbioproductions is suggesting is, is that you don’t paint over the visor, and leave it blue.

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yea thats probably the best way of doing it

Only 1 of thing matters to me…


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translation of Ahkmou’s sign:
Totally Legit Kolhi Balls


Yeah, the flash animations don’t convey just how cute the Mahi looks in real life.

Now I want to build my own.