#4: Po-Matoran (MNOG Project)

#The MNOG Project: Po-Matoran

Welcome to the MNOG Project:

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be reviewing every named Matoran from both Mata Nui Online Games in set form, complete with items and props based on those found and used by the Matoran of Mata Nui.

This time, I’ll be reviewing the Po-Matoran.



Occupation: Guard
Appears in: MNOG II
Tools / Props: Hammer


Occupation: Guard
Appears in: MNOG II
Tools / Props: Hammer



Occupation: Carver
Appears in: MNOG I, MNOG II
Tools / Props: Mallet, chisel
You can see my interpretation of Hafu as a Toa here.


Occupation: Stonemason
Appears in: MNOG II
Tools / Props: Mallet, chisel


Occupation: Hewer
Appears in: MNOG II
Tools / Props: Drill
Details: Due to the nature of the ‘brown’ Kaukau collectible, what would be a brown mask is trans-neon orange. Because of its rarity and price, I wasn’t willing to paint this mask brown.


Occupation: Hewer
Appears in: MNOG I, MNOG II
Tools / Props: Buzzsaw


The drill design found in MNOG II (I added the round disks on the sides to Kivi’s drill).



Occupation: Carpenter
Appears in: MNOG I (presumably), MNOG II
Tools / Props: Hammer, carpentry table, wood planks
Details: Though not mentioned by name, a Matoran matching Pekka’s appearance can be found in MNOG I.


Occupation: Bricklayer, teacher
Appears in: MNOG II
Tools / Props: Wall in the sand



Occupation: Trader
Appears in: MNOG I, MNOG II
Tools / Props: Stall

In stock: bamboo poles (turned out much less green than expected), air bladder, sailcloth, rope, rigging, net, and completely normal Kolhii ball.
Disclaimer: I would have ideally made the stall brown, however brown pieces were quite rare - tan was the most convenient option.


Ahkmou’s MNOG II stall, with the same items as those listed above.


Turaga Onewa alongside his right hand, Hewkii.


Occupation: Right hand of Turaga Onewa, Kolhii player
Appears in: MNOG I, MNOG II
Tools / Props: Kolhii stick & ball


During MNOG II, Hahli learned about the Principle of Creation from Bour, and trained in the Kolhii skill of Strategy by catching Golyo’s Mahi.


Occupation: Mahi herder, teacher
Appears in: MNOG II
Tools / Props: Mahi

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a reasonable way to reduce how much the Tohunga arm sticks out without modifying the piece.

Hahli trains in Strategy.


Mahi design of the MNOGs.

Hahli trains in Strategy.

The Charms of Creation and Strategy respectively.



Occupation: Quarry master
Appears in: MNOG II
Tools / Props: Pickaxe, hammer, backpack

Hijacking an old Matoran design I made a while ago.
Epena’s backpack can carry the heads of both his pickaxe and his hammer, and does not prevent the use of the gear function.


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#Next Time: Le-Matoran

#The Biowave Project - a Community Initiative

I and a few other members of the Bionicle community are currently developing content for an expanded G1 storyline, which includes MOCs and a webcomic series covering events following the defeat of Makuta Teridax.

###The Biowave Project Website is now live.

All of our work for the project will be archived on the site.

Along with project and set overviews, you’ll find several new entries into the Story section:

###Looking for an Artist

Our previous lead artist was unable to continue working on the webcomic series due to a lack of free time.
If anyone is interested in producing the first episode of the series (i.e. drawing and writing each frame), please contact me.
Whether you’re set on fulfilling the role or not, please don’t hesitate to ask about the project and the work required.

It is highly desirable that you:

  • Have existing artwork to show to us,
  • Have a reasonable amount of free time to commit to the project,
  • Can utilise an art style that closely resembles the following (or that is simple, such as the MNOG style):

Our previous artist’s style: inspired by the movies’ aesthetic, and by the MNOG art style.



I say it every time, but it gets better every time.
Also, Le Matoran hype!

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I really appreciate the effort and attention to detail put into this project. Everything is as close as it can get to the beloved MNOG.

Keep up the awesome work. Can’t wait to see the rest of the tribes!


Ah, it’s BOUR BRICKLAYER! So many good memories from MNOG with Meso…

Also, I love Akmou’s sign, “Totally legit Kohlii balls”…


Great job once again. It’s really cool seeing masks such as the Pakari in burnt orange and the Miru in tan. Also, I love some the smaller details such as the carpentry table and the additions you made to Ahkmous stall.

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all the yes

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Is it bad that I read Akhmou’s bio as “Occupation: Traitor”?


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I really like these guys. The only gripes I have are with the Mahi and that Kaukau, but I think you did well, all things considered.

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Im really glad you didn’t paint the trans neon orange Kaukau.

Did you paint Kamen’s mask?

Well that’s not wrong…


I did. I’m glad there’s some doubt - I didn’t think that paint was a good enough colour match.

Is that the misprint Matatu?

No - I painted it. Those things cost way too much

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I figured.
I saw one for 25 dollars, I really hoped you didn’t pay that.

Foolishly, I did for the red, blue and green ones :frowning:

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At least they look really good…

Mmm, Mahi steaks.

Nice job on that Mahi. This is a really cool project, looking forward to more.

I’d also be curious, after it’s finished, to know how much the entire project cost. Of course, if you didn’t want to share that information, I would totally understand.

I wasn’t counting, but I’d have to guess that - with all the side-builds like the Ga-Koro boat and the wasted parts I bought along the way - the project set me back at least £300. Luckily I don’t spend much on anything else :stuck_out_tongue:

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