#6: Ko-Matoran (MNOG Project)

#The MNOG Project: Ko-Matoran

Welcome to the MNOG Project:

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be reviewing every named Matoran from both Mata Nui Online Games in set form, complete with items and props based on those found and used by the Matoran of Mata Nui.

This time, I’ll be reviewing the Ko-Matoran.

#Sanctum Guard


Occupation: Sanctum Guard
Appears in: MNOG I, MNOG II
Tools / Props: Pickaxe
Details: His name sounds like a little kid trying to pronounce ‘pasta’.


Occupation: Sanctum Guard
Appears in: MNOG I, MNOG II
Tools / Props: Pickaxe


Pakastaa and Talvi guarding Ko-Koro.



Occupation: Architect
Appears in: MNOG II
Tools / Props: Scroll


Occupation: Acolyte, teacher
Appears in: MNOG I, MNOG II
Tools / Props: Meditation platform


Occupation: Adept
Appears in: MNOG II
Tools / Props: Ancient text



Occupation: Icesmith
Appears in: MNOG II
Tools / Props: Ice pick, scope

The scope is a callback to my Toa Arktinen / Ehrye MOC, which possesses one of a similar design.


Occupation: Ice carver, Kolhii player
Appears in: MNOG I, MNOG II
Tools / Props: Ice chisel



Occupation: Trader
Appears in: MNOG II
Tools / Props: Stall

In stock: bamboo poles (turned out much less green than expected), air bladder, sailcloth, rope and rigging.


Kokkan’s ‘stall-in-the-wall’ in MNOG II.



Occupation: Translator and right hand of Turaga Nuju, Kolhii player
Appears in: MNOG I, MNOG II
Tools / Props: Clipboard


Occupation: Scribe
Appears in: MNOG I, MNOG II
Tools / Props: Clipboard


During MNOG II, Hahli learned about the Principle of Peace from Lumi, and trained in the Kolhii skill of Willpower with Kantai.


Occupation: Hermit, teacher
Appears in: MNOG II
Tools / Props: Ice pole

Hahli trains in Willpower by balancing on an ice pole.


Hahli balances on an ice pole in the MNOG II minigame.

The Charms of Peace and Willpower respectively.



Occupation: Trapper, chairman of the Whisper Club
Appears in: MNOG II
Tools / Props: Trap

Buried deep in the snow, this device’s pressure-activated claws will clamp down on unsuspecting Rahi when they get too close.

Through a mechanism similar to Skull Basher’s, pressing down on the red button causes the claws to move inward.

Since I designed this on LDD, I couldn’t test the function until I had it in hand.

As such, it doesn’t work as well as intended, though it is functional all the same.

Here’s a video of the function in action:

#Bonus Images

Seems to be an odd trend with Ko-Matoran.

Do not disturb the Hermit.

Kokkan’s Stall in LDD (in space for contrast and whimsical effect).

Toudo’s trap in LDD.


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#Next Time: Onu-Matoran

#The Biowave Project - a Community Initiative

I and a few other members of the Bionicle community are currently developing content for an expanded G1 storyline, which includes MOCs and a webcomic series covering events following the defeat of Makuta Teridax.

###The Biowave Project Website is now live.

All of our work for the project will be archived on the site.

Along with project and set overviews, you’ll find several new entries into the Story section:

###Looking for an Artist

Our previous lead artist was unable to continue working on the webcomic series due to a lack of free time.
If anyone is interested in producing the first episode of the series (i.e. drawing and writing each frame), please contact me.
Whether you’re set on fulfilling the role or not, please don’t hesitate to ask about the project and the work required.

It is highly desirable that you:

  • Have existing artwork to show to us,
  • Have a reasonable amount of free time to commit to the project,
  • Can utilise an art style that closely resembles the following (or that is simple, such as the MNOG style):

Our previous artist’s style: inspired by the movies’ aesthetic, and by the MNOG art style.



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I imagine all the ko matoran ‘chilling’ on a nice hot day looking very ‘cool’.


Oh, so that’s why your self-MOC has a black forehead :stuck_out_tongue:


I like them, as always, but something must be said.
Talvi looks like Var.

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There’s a joke I want to respond to that with but I can’t :grimacing:



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Excellent job! I really like the different design of the stall and Toudos Trap (nice how you implemented a working function into it).

Amazing, as always, I can’t wait for the day when I have enough money and free time to mercilessly copy this project.

You have my permission :wink:


These are so great. I especially like the trap and the stall. Can’t wait for the next installment!

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It’s the NSA!!! XD. These are great. Gotta love the silent ones and their tweeting leader!


the ministry of silly names

This needs to be cannon.


Dude, this project is just so cool.
I don’t even play mnog, but these are sweet.


I like them, although I think the guards should be dark gray instead of black, black is never really used in Ko-Matoran.


Thats racist, ko-matoran are proud about their names.


Splendid as always.

But Ehrye is missing from this group. Is he dead or did he just change his name to Arktinen?

Ehrye doesn’t appear in MNOG II so I didn’t include or mention him.
In my expanded G1 canon, Ehrye’s name was changed to Arktinen on Mata Nui, which was changed back to Ehrye later in time, i.e. they are the same character.
The reason for this plot point is explained in the MOC topic listed with Arktinen’s profile.

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This might be my favorite installment since the Ga Matoran. Love the “Stall-in-the-wall” and the ice trap.

Very weird guys the Ko-Matoran, but I like them.

And as always your models are awesome.

For the trap, I suggest taking off the tube piece completely, I think it may work better.

I tried that and it makes pushing the disk down much easier. I never thought to remove the tube. Thanks :slight_smile:

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You should put spikes on the ends of the guards’ pickaxes. The rest is good.