#8: Biowave & Bonus Content (MNOG Project)

#The MNOG Project: Biowave & Bonus Content Wrap-Up

Aaaand it’s done…

Thanks to everyone who has followed and left comments for the project. I’m glad that my work has paid off.

In this final main entry, I’ll be reviewing a few side-builds for the project that didn’t fit into any previous entries. I’ll also be showcasing new sets for my next big project (the Biowave Project).


Follow the links to view the other entries into the project:

22/07 - Ga-Koro Boat
03/08 - #1: Kolhii Players & Primary Characters
06/08 - #2: Ta-Matoran
10/08 - #3: Ga-Matoran
13/08 - #4: Po-Matoran
17/08 - #5: Le-Matoran
20/08 - #6: Ko-Matoran
24/08 - #7: Onu-Matoran
27/08 - #8: Biowave & Bonus Content
12/09 - Onu-Koro Elevator

The full build for the Onu-Koro elevator will be released once I have the funds to construct its frame.
Aside from this, there are no planned follow-up entries for the project (though I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of one).


Every large prop in the project (minus Kokkan’s stall as I forgot about it).


I can confirm that a total of 90 Matoran have been made for the project.
The more astute of you might have noticed that the named Matoran above don’t account for the entire sum.
There’s a reason for that…

#The Misc Elemental Matoran (a.k.a. MEtoran)

I thought it’d be interesting to create 2003 Matoran designs for the miscellaneous elements not featured in the MNOGs.
Let me know which of these is your favourite.

Disclaimer: some of these Matoran have different colours than what may be seen in canon. This was done to enhance their diversity or to fit their elements better.

###Av-Matoran (Light)

###Su-Matoran (Plasma)

###Bo-Matoran (Jungle)

###Fe-Matoran (Iron)

###Vo-Matoran (Lightning)

###Ce-Matoran (Psionics)

###Ba-Matoran (Gravity)

###De-Matoran (Sonics)

###Fa-Matoran (Magnetism)

###‘Kra-Matoran’ (Shadow)

Shadow Matoran don’t have an official prefix for their name, so I thought I’d name them Kra-Matoran after the Mask of Shadows.

###Bonus: Ra-Matoran

This is a ‘half-Matoran, half-Rahi’ design I made a while back. I’ve made some modifications since then and thought I might as well share the updated version here.

#Virtues Disks

Alongside the other printed disks, I also made disks for the Three Virtues.

During MNOG II, Hahli learned about the Virtues of Unity, Duty and Destiny from Shasa (if I’m not mistaken), Kalama and Jaatikko respectively.

#TTV as Matoran

After @Hutere mentioned that Talvi looks like Var, I decided to ‘Matoranify’ some of the cast.
This was a recent idea so I didn’t have time to make everyone (sorry, Prpl).




Had to get creative with this one.

#Biowave Project Entries

The Biowave Project has been running parallel with the MNOG Project for quite some time. Since these sets are relevant to the theme of the MNOG Project, I decided to showcase them here.

Head to the bottom of the post to learn more about the Biowave Project.

###The Matoran Rebuilt

Featuring Golyo, Onepu, Nuhrii, Shu, Pelagia and Lumi

These revamped Matoran were originally part of the MNOG Project but later moved over to the Biowave Project.
You can read more about the new Matoran and their story relevance here.

###The Turaga Rebuilt

You can read more about the new designs here.

###The Toa Valda Revisited

Featuring Kaj, Tamaru, Hafu, Kalama, Ehrye and Vhisola

Many months ago, I chose six Matoran to be rebuilt as Toa. Recently for the Biowave Project, I’ve made some modifications.
You can read more about the new Toa and their origins in the Biowave story here.

#Bonus Images

The MNOG Project stash (Takua gets no lovin’).

I may live to regret this :stuck_out_tongue:


###Thanks again for staying tuned to the MNOG Project. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

#The Biowave Project - a Community Initiative

I and a few other members of the Bionicle community are currently developing content for an expanded G1 storyline, which includes MOCs and a webcomic series covering events following the defeat of Makuta Teridax.

###The Biowave Project Website is now live.

All of our work for the project will be archived on the site.

Along with project and set overviews, you’ll find several new entries into the Story section:

###Looking for an Artist

Our previous lead artist was unable to continue working on the webcomic series due to a lack of free time.
If anyone is interested in producing the first episode of the series (i.e. drawing and writing each frame), please contact me.
Whether you’re set on fulfilling the role or not, please don’t hesitate to ask about the project and the work required.

It is highly desirable that you:

  • Have existing artwork to show to us,
  • Have a reasonable amount of free time to commit to the project,
  • Can utilise an art style that closely resembles the following (or that is simple, such as the MNOG style):

Our previous artist’s style: inspired by the movies’ aesthetic, and by the MNOG art style.



It’s really cool to see Matoran of the lesser utilized elements in 03’ style. Also, I should definitely look more into this story sometime.

The Vo Matoran are probably my favorite.

My mouth may be always open, but Eljay has the biggest mouth


No argument there :stuck_out_tongue:

These are really awesome, man. I always loved these topics. how did you ever get so many 2003 Matoran pieces?< yeah brinklink is a heaven sent

Also this Av-Matoran

reminds me an awful lot of my Ess-Matoran (Matoran of Spirit) MOC Olemus

I guess great minds think alike.

Well done.

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How much did you spend on this?
My goodness, I only have hewikii 2003, and I didn’t buy him (Someone gave it to me long after its release).

You did an amazing work for this project, and I also can’t wait for the Biowave serie!
Seeing all the named Matoran together is impressive, and really shows how much world building those games did for Bionicle.

Truly amazing work

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Oh my god the TTV matoran. Just a mix of emotions.

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I really like your De-Matoran. He has great color scheme that makes it look less bland than the canon makes it out to be.

Don’t worry, I’ll give him a belly rub…


Dude, you have way too many Matoran … :stuck_out_tongue:

I never imagined I would ever say this, since the Matoran as sets were only “stuff that was there” for me until now, but … I want these.

Awesome job!

Ah yes Inkarnate, brilliant place to make custom maps for fantasy settings.

Looking forward to the comic.

Like 8 403s

Great as usual, but aren’t Su-Matoran orange and white?

Still think orange and white looks better though.


To make them more diverse, I removed the white as the Av- and Vo-Matoran already had white.
Besides, plasma is typically blue

Didn’t keep track, but probably many many hundreds of $$
There’s seven pages of orders on BrickLink from the time I’ve been working on the project so… :stuck_out_tongue:


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theres an army now ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh but seriously these guys are awsome