#5: Le-Matoran (MNOG Project)

#The MNOG Project: Le-Matoran

Welcome to the MNOG Project:

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be reviewing every named Matoran from both Mata Nui Online Games in set form, complete with items and props based on those found and used by the Matoran of Mata Nui.

This time, I’ll be reviewing the Le-Matoran.

Disclaimer: BS01 and the Bionicle Wiki tend not to agree on the identities of certain Matoran, however I will assume here that all information on both wikis is true and present the Matoran as they appear on either wiki.
Where both wikis agree that a particular Matoran is absent from both games and is only mentioned, my own non-canon designs for said Matoran have been presented.
I have assigned a few of these ‘ambiguous Matoran’ a second non-canon occupation, which has allowed me to utilise a few more props I had in mind.
For the above reasons, any non-canon elements of this entry will be (bracketed and italicised).

#The Gukko Force


Occupation: Captain of the Gukko Force, right hand of Turaga Matau, mapmaker, weaver, Kolhii player, based on this list: probably a workaholic
Appears in: MNOG I, MNOG II
Tools / Props: Kahu / Ka
Details: According to the wikis, the Kahu Kongu rides in MNOG I is Ka (his pet Kahu), though Ka’s presence in the Mask of Light as a Gukko makes me question this.

The Kahu is the combiner model for the Nui-Jaga. To match the appearance of Kongu’s Kahu in MNOG I, I made some modifications to the colour scheme.


Occupation: Gukko Force member
Appears in: MNOG I, MNOG II (mentioned only)
Tools / Props: Guiding beacons
Details: According to the Bionicle Wiki, Vira appears in MNOG I with the above colours and mask.

Vira guides Kongu off the ground.
For anyone confused by Vira’s props, look up ‘aircraft marshalling’.


Occupation: Gukko Force member, musician
Appears in: MNOG I, MNOG II (mentioned only)
Tools / Props: Kewa
Details: According to the Bionicle Wiki, Taiki appears in MNOG I with the above colours and mask.

The Kewa is one possible build in the Master Builder set. To match the Kewa seen in MNOG I, I gave it a green and orange colour scheme.


Occupation: Gukko Force member, (Ussal rider)
Appears in: MNOG II (mentioned only)
Tools / Props: Air and Ice Ussal
Details: This is my non-canon interpretation of post-Metru Nui Orkahm.
I added the ‘Ussal rider’ occupation to link back to his role on Metru Nui, and to show off some alternate designs for the Ussal crabs.


Occupation: Gukko Force member, (musician)
Appears in: (MNOG I), MNOG II (mentioned only)
Details: This is my non-canon interpretation of Shu - assuming this is his appearance, he would have appeared in MNOG I (in canon, he does not).
You’ll see why I chose this design later.


Occupation: Gukko Force member, (musician)
Appears in: MNOG II (mentioned only)
Details: This is my non-canon interpretation of Boreas.
I wanted to try this colour scheme as it isn’t used by any other named Le-Matoran.


The Gukko Force, featuring both a Kahu and Kewa.

Vira’s fancy glowsticks.


These Matoran represent the ‘band’ playing in Le-Koro during MNOG I.


Occupation: Musician
Appears in: MNOG I, MNOG II
Tools / Props: Horn
Details: This was my best attempt at recreating Makani’s horn.


Occupation: Musician, teacher
Appears in: MNOG I, MNOG II
Tools / Props: Flute
Disclaimer: In hindsight, I should have painted his flute brown to make it look more wooden.


Tools / Props: Chimes

Disclaimer: I would have made the frame brown to make it look wooden, however the relevant brown parts were not available.


Tools / Props: Trumpet-esque instrument
Details: I used this design for Shu so that he could double as the unnamed band member.

Disclaimer: This unnamed band member plays an instrument that I couldn’t recreate without it looking obnoxious, so I opted to change its design.


Tools / Props: Bongos
Details: There was never a percussionist in the MNOG I band so I thought I’d make Boreas their part-time bongo player.


The MNOG I band. On the left is the unnamed member (who I made to be Shu).



Occupation: Disk maker
Appears in: MNOG I, MNOG II
Tools / Props: Pick, bamboo disk, crafting table


Kumo’s pick (which is called a hammer on BS01 for some reason).



Occupation: Trader
Appears in: MNOG I, MNOG II
Tools / Props: Stall

In stock: bamboo poles (turned out much less green than expected), air bladder, sailcloth, rope, rigging, net and bamboo disks.
Disclaimer: I would have ideally made the stall brown, however brown pieces are quite rare - tan was the most convenient option.


Tuuli’s MNOG II stall, with the same items as those listed above.


Turaga Matau alongside his right hand, Kongu.


During MNOG II, Hahli learned about the Principle of Faith from Sanso, and trained in the Kolhii skill of Accuracy with Tamaru.


Occupation: Forest navigator, Kahu tamer, keeper of the Le-Koro disk range, Kolhii player, teacher
Appears in: MNOG I, MNOG II
Tools / Props: Nui-Rama contraption
You can see my interpretation of Tamaru as a Toa here.

When recreating Tamaru’s contraption, I decided to include a simple gear function: turning the gear at the back causes the green stalk and propeller to spin.

Hahli trains in Accuracy by throwing bamboo disks at Tamaru’s contraptions.


Tamaru’s Nui-Rama contraptions, as seen in the MNOG II minigame.

The charms of Faith and Accuracy respectively.

#Bonus Images

A birthday present for @Mesonak :stuck_out_tongue: Here’s the reference for those unaware (18:06).
I didn’t have the parts to make the blue Kewa so this will have to do.

Tamaru joins the band.

LDD models of the band’s instruments in their original and intended colours.

Tamaru’s contraption in LDD.


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#Next Time: Ko-Matoran

#The Biowave Project - a Community Initiative

I and a few other members of the Bionicle community are currently developing content for an expanded G1 storyline, which includes MOCs and a webcomic series covering events following the defeat of Makuta Teridax.

###The Biowave Project Website is now live.

All of our work for the project will be archived on the site.

Along with project and set overviews, you’ll find several new entries into the Story section:

###Looking for an Artist

Our previous lead artist was unable to continue working on the webcomic series due to a lack of free time.
If anyone is interested in producing the first episode of the series (i.e. drawing and writing each frame), please contact me.
Whether you’re set on fulfilling the role or not, please don’t hesitate to ask about the project and the work required.

It is highly desirable that you:

  • Have existing artwork to show to us,
  • Have a reasonable amount of free time to commit to the project,
  • Can utilise an art style that closely resembles the following (or that is simple, such as the MNOG style):

Our previous artist’s style: inspired by the movies’ aesthetic, and by the MNOG art style.



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