#5: Ehrye, Toa of Ice (Toa Project)

Introducing, Toa Ehrye

"The stars have called upon a new Toa team to thwart the schemes of evil. It seems the shadows are growing again."

Outspoken, ambitious and impatient, Ehrye defies the common stereotype of his element: nevertheless, he is a sworn advocate of working alone. If he is to push back the forces of evil with the rest of his Toa team, it is these qualities that will be his undoing.
(See end for information on the Toa Project.)


I'm a big fan of LEGO's design for Kopaka 2015. This is a style I wanted to adopt for Ehyre: a stocky build emulating the thick clothing worn by an arctic wanderer.

The upper arms and legs are built as shown. I deliberately designed them to be bulky in order to keep the theme consistent across the entire body.

The underlying torso, which uses Vahki upper and lower torso pieces, is identical to Kaj's (with an extra stud of length to make the body longer).

The armour itself is similar to Hafu's. Here, I use a Mata foot as the abdomen piece instead, with a hockey chest piece over it to build up the chest.

Here's a view of Ehrye from the back (note that the painted technic blocks are an unfortunate necessity since the white variants are quite rare).
The added liftarms to the lower legs are simply to add a little more bulk.

I used Rahkshi feet to mimic large snow boots, and Vahki legs on the limbs for added bulk.

For the sake of tradition, I gave Ehrye a scope on the side of his mask. An alternative I considered was placing it directly in front of one eye, though this ended up looking quite obnoxious.
I don't know about you, but I think the wiring on the Mahiki creates a cool illusion of the scope being wired up to the mask.

I also gave Ehrye a leather strap designed to carry his weapons. This is something I thought would give him more uniqueness and add to the nomadic nature of the Toa of Ice.

Weapons and Functions

Ehrye carries two ice picks for climbing / 'picking' (is that the right adjective?).

Rather simple, though I'd say they're pretty effective at emulating the real things.

As with Kaj, Ehrye's weapons can be stored on the gearbox.

This is where his leather strap comes in handy (purely aesthetic).

The picks end up fitting quite snugly over his shoulders.

Ehrye uses the same gearbox design as Kaj (a HowTo guide for the design can be found here). In this case, turning the cog causes both arms to turn.

An additional function incorporated into Ehrye's build is his scope.

The scope can be brought backwards by turning it, giving Ehrye the option of storing it (suck it, Kopaka).

The scope is reasonably inconspicuous when not in use.


Ehrye's colour scheme consists of white and medium blue.

As stated before, the painted technic blocks on the back of the legs would have been avoided if possible. The same goes for the Rahkshi feet, since they are a duller shade of white.

Ehyre is another Toa whose mask colour has deviated from the original. The same reasons as Vhisola's apply for this change:

  1. Since these sets were deliberately supposed to resemble early G1 sets, I didn't want to use a mask that was melded with silver (as opposed to one with just a flat colour).
  2. The colour distribution is improved by using a medium blue mask rather than a white one. Ehyre also looks quite bland without it.
  3. These Toa were designed to have unique colour schemes, which is why most of the Toa contain colours that aren't usually seen in sets.

I was skeptical about the blue mask at first, however it quickly grew on me.
If it bugs you that much, I'll consider swapping it for a painted white one (I tried once and it looks awful), though keep in mind that it'll take a lot of time trying to match the shade of white used on the set with my paints. Unless it's really that bad, I'd appreciate it if you would make do (I have limited time for painting at university).

For those who are curious, here's how he looks with the '04 mask:

For the sake of consistency with the other sets, I wanted to avoid using this mask due to its silver melding.

The Toa Project

Following my completion of Kaj, I decided to create an entire Toa team using existing characters, taking great inspiration from the sets and stories of the 2001-2003 era of Bionicle.
All of my designs will have a unique gear-based function, a creative build and an innovative colour scheme.
Each time I release a new Toa, I'll reveal the next.

Please leave comments and suggestions for improvement for Ehrye and the final Toa MOC. Once I've completed all six Toa, I'll address any criticisms and share the improved Toa in a single post.

Follow the links to view the Toa Team:
1: Kaj, Toa of Earth
2: Hafu, Toa of Stone
3: Vhisola, Toa of Water
4: Tamaru, Toa of Air
5: Ehrye, Toa of Ice
6: Kalama, Toa of Fire

Next Time: Kalama, Toa of Fire



I love this dude. Great job.

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lookin nice

I love the leather strap, and man, I can't wait to see them all together!

He is a confirmed bulk-master

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other than sadly not having his sexy blue nipples, he's great


Thanks for the comments. Good to hear no one has a serious problem with the blue mask :smile:

Well, nothing to complain about here. Good job. What set did you get the chest piece from?

must be pretty chilly in Ko-Metru :wink:

Ordered it from BrickLink. There's some old Technic hockey sets that they came in

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space for blue nipples yet no blue nipples 0/10

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Naw, It looks perfect

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Oh yeah. I remember those. Thanks.

Looks very nice!

So, it turns out there's actually a Matoran in MNOG2 called Arktinen that wears a blue Mahiki I had no idea about. Could have used him instead of Ehrye -.-


I have an idea: can someone let me know if there would be any canonical issue with making them the same character (given that Ehrye was never seen on Mata Nui, and that Arktinen was never seen in anything other than MNOG2)?

Well, all the other Great Disk Matoran got renamed (Tehutti-Tehuti, Orkahm-Orkan, Nuhrii-Nuri) so, while it'd be a stretch, it could work.


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One of your better creations by far! I would suggest next time putting more detail into the limbs to maintain the detailed consistency of the torso.

Thanks for letting me know. I have an interesting story idea to explain the name change if I went ahead with it.

Nice! I can rant about all the positives of this figure however I find constructive criticism more valuable. That being said I feel like the bottom of his legs are too short, that is all. But really, I great work! I want to see this whole team together already!!!!

Just having trouble finding time to get it done, sadly. I'm building / painting some more stuff for the Toa team before I post them. If it's not posted by Sunday, expect it to be up the following weekend.

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I don't think you even need to do that. We've seen instances where transforming into a Toa changes a Matoran's colors, and you already did that with Vhisola by adding the yellow to her, so it's not inconceivable that Ehrye wore a white mask as a Matoran, and then changed to a blue one...

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