5 of my MOCs

These are five of what are my best MOCs so far. Now know this, I am not the greatest by far. In fact, looking through this forum has made me very humble stuck_out_tongue But anywho, here they are beginning with my self-MOC, Arxtann

Arxtann is a Toa of Fire (duh!) who appears in my story, called Seeds of Doom, on the Lego Message Boards.

His kanohi is technically a Calix, but I love the Kualsi aesthetic so much I just stuck it on there. He wields a Fire Greatsword which aids him in channeling and controlling his elemental power. I won't go into to much detail as to his backstory since I haven't finished Seeds of Doom and I intend to give him an article on CBW someday. But he's cool.

For a self-MOC, I like him better than previous versions of the character I built. I really love the Metru design and the MOC's proportions somewhat match mine. Now, onto the next creation.

This is The Answer. He was the first MOC I built for my stop-motion series Game of Shadows (in development) and appears in a few other videos as a more lighthearted character then how he will be portrayed. His name shall never be revealed, his species is similar to Lariska's and the exact name will also never be revealed, and a bit more about his history will not be revealed because spoilers stuck_out_tongue His power is a form of regenerative healing (he can't be killed) that allows him to adapt for a limited time to any environment and battle. He also possesses a form of mimicry that allows him to figure out the best strategy to defeat his foe, increasing his physical attributes as needed.

As such he is incredibly flexible, agile, durable, and strong. His affiliation will also remain a mystery because spoilers stuck_out_tongue

The next two are my first attempt at originality. They will also appear in Game of Shadows, on the left, Akandor, on the right, his brother Darkon.

These two are the last known survivors of the Scardon Empire of the Southern Islands (fanon stuff) who are trying to rebuild their kingdom from the remnants of the Great Cataclysm.

The Scardon race are tough beings who were created to be the perfect warrior, strong, durable, and able to heal themselves from any injury. They have an adaptive factor like The Answer, except they retain everything they adapt to, making them fearsome warriors that will and can do anything for victory.

Now I'm revealing someone who has never appeared before anywhere, so feel special stuck_out_tongue Makuta Crytoss.

He will be the main villain in Game of Shadows, smashing, destroying, all the stuff bad-guys do.

He's a Makuta, so you should all know what his skillset is. He wears the Mask of Hunger and prefers to deal with his foes in fisticuffs.

And a groupish shot of them all.

I hope you all enjoy, and give whatever constructive criticism you can to a newbish MOCer.


They look nice! My favorite is Arxtann. smile

Quite the mocs you have there. Nice big collection and each of them look great. ~Detox

I have quite a few more, but they're just not as grandiose.

Here's a link to his page on CBW.


i simply LOVE Makuta Crytoss the whole thing is epic and make a topic for your stop motion once its done. I would love to see it!

Well thanks. I'm still in the process of scripting though. I'm such a procrastinator.