#6: Quake Thrall (Biowave Project)

#The Biowave Project: The Elemental Thralls

Hostile forces begin to stir on Valda Nui as powerful elemental creatures rise from the dark corners of the island, relentlessly and aggressively defending mysterious crystal obelisks.

#Part 6: Quake Thrall

Concept art by @Ragdoll

Using its seismic-sensitive horns, the Quake Thrall senses structural weaknesses in the underground caverns of Onu-Wahi, and uses its massive head and spiked tail to smash through rock to create small, localised earthquakes. Why it does this, even when unprovoked, is a mystery.

Story details will be highlighted in bold.


The Elemental Thralls take inspiration from the most iconic design features of both generations of Bionicle, especially from those of the 2001 Rahi, using unique aesthetics and functions while also providing a more clean and cohesive aesthetic.

Element: Earth
Theme: Rhino / Mole
Main Adversary: Kaj
Approximate Parts Count: 1350
Functions: Lunging head, swinging tail, snapping jaw
Inspiration: Muaka / Bohrok (head function)
Acknowledgements: Preliminary leg and foot designs by @Gilahu


With the job of wrapping up this series of sets, the Quake Thrall has at least twice as many parts as any Thrall that has come before it. It is also by far the largest.

Check out the video below to see a time-lapse of the set’s construction:

Thumbnail by @Xeros610, intro music by @Cazapar


The Quake Thrall features three functions: a lunging head, a swinging tail and a snapping jaw.

Check out the video below to see the functions in action:

Thumbnail by @Xeros610, intro music by @Cazapar

##Behind the Scenes

Click here for more behind the scenes images, including LDD models of the set.

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##Next Time: The Toa Takha Rebuilt

Artakha’s secret Toa team are returning next month with some new upgrades…
See their original Mata-style forms here.

##Special Thanks

With the conclusion of this set series, I’d like to thank everyone that has helped produce the media to go with the sets.
I’d particularly like to thank @Gilahu for helping design certain elements of the sets and for providing rigorous criticism on my own designs, which based on the sets’ reception has undoubtedly been for the better. :slight_smile:

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##The Biowave Project - a Bionicle Community Initiative

The Biowave Project is a community initiative bringing talented members of the Bionicle community together to develop sets, art and narrative content for an expanded Generation 1 storyline.

##Announcing the Biowave Monthly MOC Programme

For this coming holiday period, the Biowave Project will be showcasing new sets at least once a month.
Next month will mark the return of the Toa Takha in their newest forms.

##Reclamation - a Bionicle Webcomic Series

The Biowave Project’s very own webcomic series, featuring characters from the project’s many sets, will also be arriving to the Boards this summer.
Keep an eye out for updates coming with the next series of sets.

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  • Wind Thrall
  • Sand Thrall
  • Frost Thrall
  • Lava Thrall
  • Quake Thrall
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Nice Dino thrall here.

Nice moc. I’ve really been enjoying seeing this series of builds, and this one is no exception. My only complaint is that the purple dots on the head look almost like eyes at first glance. Just a small nitpick, but everything else is fantastic.

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Amazing how you incorporated functions whilst keeping a sleek look. It just seems like the functions are a bit lacking in appeal. The snapping jaw and moving tail seem a little too bland. The extending neck is a little too short to impress much.

It really does look amazing & intimidating though.

Oh, maybe you could replace the trans green eyes with a brighter colour. They don’t stand out that much.

I think it looks more like a boar of some kind, nevertheless pretty good!
I cant wait for the toa takha!

Really nice how the chest moves with the neck function - might seem strange during the function, but at least the chest is covered otherwise. The snapping jaw function also works best here - likely because this Thrall has the biggest mouth and the teeth for it.

Also I love the look of those armor plates on top of the head.

And all of the Thralls together - almost feels like I’m five years old again and looking at the '01 Rahi.

It was great fun helping with these - I came up with lots of designs I really have to use on MOCs myself at some point…
My updated Wind Thrall head for example. Or my Quake Thrall prototype leg design.

Well, if I ever get tired (or finished) with my Makuta MOCs…

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Currently painting them, after which they’ll be ready to be built.

Unfortunately there’s literally about a hundred parts to paint :sob: (this isn’t all of them)


Are the toa tahka going to be a unique custom build, or a repeated older toa build?

They’re custom in the sense that they all have different builds, weapons, armour, etc, and their torsos are built exclusively using Technic. They’re definitely not clones of anything I’ve made before.

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Cool. Can’t wait to see them.

I feel like the biggest ones are a bit too blocky. Otherwise it’s pretty great.

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I love builds with function and you excel at those. But all of the Thralls look aesthetically pleasing in addition, which is a huge achievement. This is a great group of MOCs.

A fantastic end to this set of MOCs. This one in particular really invokes the alien feel of some of G1’s more bizzare Rahi like the Tarakava or Kikanalo; not really looking like anything you’d see on earth. It makes the MOC on the whole just so much more interesting conceptually. The build itself is just as solid and sturdy as that of the Lava Thrall, every element working in tandem with one another.


You have no idea how hyped I am for Baharu.

On another note, for your brilliant MOCs, story, and dedication, it is about time for me to reward you a spot in the Holhii Kolhii Awards!


Very cool, would definitely fit in amongst the G1 creatures. The neck function looks odd, but otherwise I can’t really find any flaws. Thank you for gracing us with these Thralls, they were certainly cool and impressively built.

this is awesome

My only complaint is that the body looks like a big rectangle, I know this has to do with the function, but I feel shaping within the body itself could be better.

Overall, good job!

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I like the feet, but the body seems like it’s just a big tube. Is there any way to split the body up into two sections without sacrificing the functionality? And speaking of functionality, I feel like the tail swinging would be better if it were side to side instead of up and down, or even just gotten rid of all together and put on a ball joint instead.

The mouth reminds me of the muaka set. I like the tail function too. Personally, it’s one of my favorites alongside the water and sand thralls. Sadly, the poor sand thrall is getting no love in the poll.