6984- The Galactic Mediator

The Mediator. Realeased in 1992, it marked the era of the 2nd generation of space police forces, depicted as the opposing force to the second generation of Blacktron.

In a similar shape to that of a real NASA shuttle, the Mediator stand as the mothership for space police 2, holding a smaller transporter, 2 cells and a crew of at least 2 officers.

The cells are stored on the back of the wings, which move to release them and allow access, which can also be moved around on the smaller transport. Yes the wheels are the wrong colour, they should be in light grey.

The ship includes a space police chief, an officer and a second generation Blacktron astronaut. This set Also introduces some of the first space characters without the standard smiley face. however they all appear to be clones, as they all share the same face unfortunately.

The main cockpit has 2 separate spaces, however the second one is too low down to seat a figure in, making it seem rather useless. The whole ship can also split into 3 seperate sections, all of which can be arranged into different combinations.

Then ship also includes a small arsenal of weapons or tools. Sadly the blacktron dude gets nothing to fight back with.

A top down view shows the ridiculous number of tiles that say space police. At least these guys weren't going for subtlety.

Overall, its my least favourite of the 3 SP motherships. It has an alright colour scheme, however compared to the other 2 it feels bland, and there are quite few gaps in the design, as well as it being awkward to separate the different sections.

However it is rather big, and shows off what vintage space was memorable for, classic colours, antennae, radar pieces, and the last remains of the old smiley face. It has its flaws, but it makes a formidable addition to any space fleets.



Nice set that looks cool. Wish I could have it. :frowning: