7000 BC. Fall of Atlantis - RP Topic

He put his hand down, and returned to slowly rocking, a small creaking sound emanating from the chair.

The prince and his guards walked away.

A water drake would see Leonida’s entourage and begin following.

One of the soldiers would have given Teacher a slight nod as they passed.

The ■■■■■■■■ of the raw material was kept stored on the ships and were guarded by several soldiers, on boat and on dock.

The Wyvern that followed the soldiers would return to Alumatix, land on his shoulder, and start jabbering in it’s animal tongue.

OOC: A what?
IC: They did not seem to have noticed it.

OOC: A water drake. A dog-sized dragon-ish lizard that lives in the water. Alumatix can communicate with them because of his magic, and it’s one of the sources for his informant network.

OOC: Thanks.
IC: The group seemed to be heading to one of the luxurious neighbourhoods of the city.

They might notice a few guards turn their heads, watching the group of foreigners.

Atlantis would just receive the news that Fiumicino was fully annexed to Rome, making Leonida the prince not only of the former client state, but to all of Rome.
News would also spread that the small city-states of Pomezia, Velletri and Palestrina were forcefully annexed, becoming fortresses with the scope of protecting the bulk of Rome’s territory of southern invasions.

The Leper turned to the Teacher and whispered “Keep an eye on the Druid, I shall follow the Nouveaux Riche. Ensure you aren’t seen” and with that He sepparated himself and began to trail Leonida and his Entourage (Avoiding the view of the Drake and the Entourage).

Alumatix, having noticed the teacher and leper quite a while earlier, whispers to a small lizard-sized drake, and it begins following the leper.

The group, except for two guards, entered inside the garden of a Latin-styled villa, one that would clash with the surrounding architecture.
The two guards remain at the door.
In addition, news would spread that Rome was preparing to invade the small fortresses of Tivoli, Monterotondo and Ladispoli, essentially giving them border to the Bracciano Lake.

Teacher nodded, as he began his stealthy pursuit of the druid.

The leper reached into his supplies, producing a couple of waxy green leaves and a Thurible he packs the leaves into the Thurible and lights it on a nearby brazier. Within a few seconds thick clouds of sweet smelling grey smoke emanate from the Thurible, obscuring the leper’s form.

if the Leeper followed till the point the guards would see it
The two guards looked at each other before one decided to investigate.

Gently placing the Thurible on the ground, the Leper slips into a nearby alley, waiting for the Guard to pass through the cloud he attempts to search the Guard’s belt for anything of value or interest.

He would find a bronze dagger and a bag of golden coins.
However the guard was having his sword ready.

The Leper reached for the dagger and carefully attempted to pull it from its sheath. However, he was aware the danger the Guard might pose if he was spotted and simply dropped to the floor at the slightest sign of resistance. He quickly retrieved the Thurible and as the smoke receded the Guard would see the hunched form of some kind of beggar on the floor, hands scrabbling for something… it seemed the wretch was mumbling to himself and most likely a lackwit.

Mendicus, quid quaeris?