70782 Review: Protector of Ice

This guy is tiny but he has some big weapons.

This is one of my favorite protectors, and I know what everybody says, he doesn't have elbows.
But I think that is a very funny aspect of him, it makes him so short and bulky.

So this set shares some of its cons with the other Protector sets. Like the No-elbows he shares with the Protector of Fire.

He comes with some amazing pieces like his mask and his Ice blaster. He then also come with 3 of the new armor add-on pieces in white, which is great!

His functions work really well and are effective and make sense. (Still not too sure about the mask pop-off function.)

The Skull spider he comes with is silver a very neutral color that fits the Protector of Ice's color scheme well.

So what do you think the Protector of Ice, share your thoughts in the comments section down below!


You arent really giving a review
More like a general thoughts

I would suggest giving it a "rating system" to help on whether it is worth buying for people, and say you recommend/dont recommend

also more pictures would be nice.


You're right I am judging mostly on opions and I should do something with rating, thanks very much for the tips!

PS: the picture is actually for showing of the set, but if people want more picture, I'll surely update that!

I like this little guy. At first I really hated the fact, that he has no elbows, but over time it grew on me. Now I think it makes him stand out compared to the other protectors and the no-elbow build works way better on him than on PoF.