8th Dark Emperor Vainglory

I was watching stuff and decided to update my dark ruler Mocs with the forgotten 8th sin. My main goal was to build him as an amalgamation of the main seven with multiple limbs

Not much is known about this monster or it’s relation to the rulers but he possesses all the abilitlies of all seven rulers though has only been seen the rare times when and where multiple of the rulers are in the same place.

Sloth; duplication
Envy; shapeshifting
Lust; suggestion
Gluttony; absorbtion
Wrath; destruction
Greed; immobilization
Pride; corruption


This moc certainly has the ‘amalgamation’ aspect done pretty well, I’ll give you that. nice job

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It’s a mess that somehow manages to be coherent, as if it’s a merging of different beings.


Yeah. Especially for his arms I wanted to capture a bit of the sin that part represents like the head blade shape for wrath, giant claw mouth for gluttony, sloth being small and useless as a limb, gold for greed, etc.


Well if you wanted an amalgamation you certainly got it. Nice moc.

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nice moc, only two complaints would be that having 6 arms is a bit over the top, i think 4 would make it better, and my other complaint I say "complaint its more like suggestion would be to have that gold circle piece in the centre of the chest instead of the g2 head piece. but still a really cool moc!

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5 arms and a wing. I wanted a core peice with 7 different limbs to go with the 7 sins.