A better Jorge from Halo Reach than the Official Figure (Mega Construx)

I’m taking a break from Destiny stuff for a day (most of this week is photo shoots and painting. New Destiny topic tomorrow and another later this week) to show off a custom I did a while back. Here is Jorge from Halo Reach. This is the official figure with a new head and a black-wash followed by a silver bushing. He looks a little better in real life. The camera makes the silver paint shine really bright.

Front View:

Right Side View:

Back View:

Left Side View

A closer look at the detached turret he carries around (also with a blackwash and silver brushing):

I don’t really have a lot of Halo figures to customize, but feel free to leave suggestions and I’ll see if I can do them. No promises tho.


i cry every time.

that face is just spooky