A big collection Part 2! (Bionicle MOCs)

A few years ago i posted all of my at that time built mocs i had. Looking back, most of them where put together in a rush just because i wanted some sort of refference to old characters of mine.

Now i have done it again. I collected pictures of my creations from the past year.

Lets get started ey!

1: Arcdron (Version 9)

First of, Arcdron is my self moc and has been sinse 2014, hes gone through more versions than any of my other creations. This is the 9th version of him, and im really proud of his current appearence!

Character Info: Arcdron is part of a species of tribal warriors in my universe. They are evolved Rakshi that developed their own society with language and technology.

Arcdron was one of the triggers for a catastrophic calamity that ravaged his world and left it shattered. After the Calamity, Arcdron was sent on a galaxy spanning mission to track down his brother, Drendor, who had been possessed by a paracausal entity seeking to end reality. After getting stuck in a planetary collision, he lost part of his body and turned to an outcast society that gave him cybernetic enhancements.

2: Drendor (possessed by Sirax)

Drendor is what i would call the polar opposite to Arcdron. Honor and glory has thrown out the window when Sirax, a paracausal entity possessed him.

Character info: Once part of a brotherhood of dark lords in my universe, now Drendor serves Sirax, the entity that has possessed him. During the Calamity, Drendor signed his life to Sirax by marking Arcdron with the overlords sigil, causing him to loose power. Right before the planet shattered, Sirax teleported Drendor out into the void, saving his life.

3: Carmadon

This is the longest running character i have. The very first version was entered in MariaMacs evil twin contest a long time ago.

Character info: Drendor is the last remaining member of the brotherhood of dark lords. Carmadon is responsible for kickstarting the entire Calamitous event that would shatter the planet. He did this by summoning the universal demi god Madraldor and his brother, Carzan. Madraldor wreaked havoc upon their planet and eventually merged with his brother to shatter reality and doom everything alive on the planet.

4: Marouder

Marouder was built to pay homage to a good friend of mine who was basically in love with the Bayformers Shockwave.

Character info: Marouder used to be something of a crazy scientist in my universe. He once fused 3 characters into a titan that he named Ardracus. During the Calamity, Marouder had been corrupted my Madraldor and served his every order. He was eventually turned back by Carzan and was given the position of universal god and sent of to build up from what remained of their shattered world.

5: Velosix

This was my take if a 2008 era phantoka design. Velosix was built to be as faithful as possible to the phantokas design while still looking original.

Character info: Velosix is a rather new edition to my universe. After suffering through the Calamity, Velosix built up a reputation for doing bounty hunting, taking out any being capable of causing corruption to the rejuvinating land.

6: Itzal

Itzal is my own Makuta. Rather call him Makuta Itzal. He was thrown into my universe as it shattered during the Calamity.

Character info: Makuta Itzal, or just Itzal was thrown from one universe to the other when the planet shattered. After seeing the destruction that the former gods did to the planet, Itzal decided that laying low was the best choice at that time. He took the shape of a toa from his own universe, trying to stay hidden until the time for his eventual return to power.

7: Dioterite elemental

A character that i wanted to use as many trans-blue or glow in the dark parts as possible.

Character info: Hard to say what this characters deal is. After the shattering of the planet, this elemental being emerged from the mountain pass. It now roams what remains, seemingly without purpose.

8: Toa Tahu Nuva (Adaptive armor MOC)

This is my latest edition to the collection. Made to ride the Helix T50, or T4 perhaps.

Character info: You know Toa Tahu. This version was thrown to my universe, much like Itzal, when the planet shattered. He now pilots his own vehicle, something he didnt get to do in the matoran universe.

9: The CCBeaSt (perhaps the GSB)

A moc of mine, aiming to make a godlike creature using gold and black.

Character info: The CCBeaSt was built from the body of Makuta Itzal, or his full grown body. This creature is a collossal creature that roams the shattered planet, thought to be a sentry left by the Universal god to make sure that the planet rejuvinates.

10: Vermon

Vermon is a lizard like creature native to the Androldir mountain of the shattered planet.

Character info: Vermon is what can be best described as a pest. These lizards inhabit the mountains and is known to invade the Ashtok tribes camps, taking resources and destroying equipment. Vermon was Arcdrons personal companion back while the planet was thriving.

11: Helix T50/T4 (Vehicle)

A vehicle built using the pieces from the Shelby GT500 technic set.

Vehicle info: The Helix is a smaller vehicle built for dessert and snow travel. The blades on the sides allows it to have a tighter turning circle at higher speeds. Mounted at the front is a Nynrah Ghost Blaster. Riding the Helix is Toa Tahu, finally piloting a vehicle.

12: Antidara X7 (Vehicle)

This vehicle turned out to be larger than i thought. It my longest lasting vehicle moc. It is primarily using parts from the racing boat technic set.

Vehicle info: The Antidara X7 is a flat vehicle built for high speed racing and pursuits. The vehicle has 4 mounted cannons, making it the heaviest hitting vehicle i have. It has 2 zamor spere blasters and 2 Cordak Blasters.

13: Vortex V9 (Vehicle)

What can i say? This is the massive 3 year long and still running project that uses the pieces from the 911 GT3 RS technic set, 3 corvette sets and a racing truck set. By far the most expencive creation i have.

Vehicle info: The Vortex V9 is an absolute unit of a speeder, capable of sound shattering speeds. This vehicls is mostly used for personal transport and cargo. In case danger arrives, it does have 2 thornax launchers and 2 cordak blasters mounted on it. Due to its collossal size, theres only a few sellect characters of mine that can actually ride it.

And there we are!!!

An hour later and all of my current MOCs listed in one post once more. Id love to hear what you think bellow!