A Bioformer Moc

(sorry for the poor picture quality) This is a bionicle rendition of the transformers energon character alpha q


Edited title for capital letters and to get rid of unnecessary infomation - Jack

Way too many colours, but the build seems... Okay. I would recommend refining both of these things. There's potential, but it still needs work.

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Seems a bit jumbled, especially the lack of a uniform color scheme.


For something that is suppose to be based on a messy beast, I guess it got the job done; but it's still sloppy everywhere.

I think this picture best describes my opinion of this moc...

Seriously though the color scheme is all over the place, it barely transforms, and I can't understand what is going on.

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Well for the barely transforms part the original topic title was a Bioformer Moc Kind, of since it is based on a Quintesson the creators of the transformers but it was changed by Jack.

Its really messy and there is to much colors

Yeah, I rebuilt it recently

Wow. Gonna be honest. This is really messy and the resemblance is barely there.

We all got our worst mocs though.