A bunch of Lego Batman Movie art

So, I did this about two months back, when I got the Lego Batman Movie behind the scenes book. I feel that now is a good time to post this in the wake of Adam West’s passing, so (for what it’s worth) I dedicate this to the memory of Adam West. R.I.P.


The Riddler’s hat looks like a giant teacup, but it’s good art all around. On the topic of the Riddler, how ironic that I just watched a 60s Batman episode where he died fighting Batman.


To be quite honest the Bane drawing is the BEST! one of the drawings that you’ve made but they all still look awesome.

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Really!? I thought that Bane was the worst!

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I hate to be that guy but…

What’s wrong with you? The other designs aren’t bad either but Bane in my taste is the best one.

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I guess I just think it looks like some of my old stuff. Although, I do appreciate what you said.

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