A Call to Action: Let´s solve the G2 story!

Hello. My name is Waster, and I´m new over here. I´ve been thinking for a while now… Most people didn´t like the G2 story, and I can understand that. Journey to One was rushed and anti-climactic, as many plot points were rushed and left without an explanation. This is because of the theme being canceled mid-way through production, though. In my head, G2 could´ve had a great story if it had room to grow . If kids were interested in Bionicle (which could´ve been fixed with a TV show, but Lego was clearly not confident on Bionicle at all), the story could´ve been compared to Ninjago, or even G1!

This is why I call all of you, Bionicle fans, to join me in my quest to fill the holes in this mess and try to solve the dropped plot points, find further connections between both Gens, and finally find inner peace within the bak of our minds by awnsering these questions!

**Join me, my comrades, in the quest to solve the mystery! **

Thanks. Now, feel free to post your opinions and theories so we can share thoughts. Thanks again! See ya.



There’s no mystery to start with, just it’s there.

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It´s okay, I don´t plan to make this an argument. I want people to share their opinions in a civilized way. I´m glad you think this topic is necessary, as I believe the two gens must be connected somehow. The Vahi must have a big fat role in this, I just feel like the Toa were brought from another time and must be the same Toa Mata we know.

P.S : This topic goes beyond the connection theory, as there are other things that were left unawnsered (Like, the prophecy, or why the Toa felt like they had a connetion to the big maze.)

Lemme solve this real quick…

Bad writing and budget cuts.

mic drop


Onua must of had a crazy Growth Spurt.

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The first three years of Bionicle G1, Ninjago and G2 to an extent all share the same general plot: Elemental heroes challenge the big baddie of darkness(who is related to their wise leader), and are saved by a hero of light. Where G2 went wrong is simple, it wasn’t told as a story like G1, or as a story-enriching TV show like Ninjago, but was told through flat and boring characters all driven on by a bad script.



Might wanna fix that.

Yes, I´m on it.

You actually got my point! That´s what I´d like us fans to unite and discuss. Thanks for understanding.

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I would love to see that Gali remained in the Shadow Realm the entire episode. The five Toa and Ekimu would do something and stop Makuta, and Gali would remained there. In a third years, she would do things there, and show that there is something to connect G1 with G2, and then everything would be better… Or something…

Thank you for your contribution.

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If the toa were brought from different times, isnt no one missing them? I mean, maybe they were fighting makuta in one of the six time lines In my mind every toa came from a different time lines and now makuta is ruling over another universe

That´s actually an interesting idea.