A Chat an Eon in the Making

“What defines you seeker of wrath, is it some divine purpose no you want revenge, to change time itself and bring your wife back from the grave.”

“Yes child of stone now you will tell me how you pulled me out of my prison and why?”

“Child of stone oh you are like a time capsule well it’s time we took our place in the world as conquerer and his loyal second.”

“What’s your name friend.”

“I’ve got many but in this world I am called Velika.”

“Well now tell me what has happened in my extended absence, if you lie old man I swear it won’t be quick.”

“Of course my friend now where to begin the Makuta’s shadow, Mata Nui’s arrogance or my favourite the story of the mighty toa Tahu, Onua, Pohatu, Lewa, Kopaka and Gali.”

" I assume they have been hailed as champions, it appears they must fall first if the Iron Empire is to rise."

I promised no more short stories or legends of any of you are interested I’m sorry it is still coming I leave you with some names Jihaxius and Galira.


Oooooh snap. since when did Velika have multiple names?

Well in the canon universe he was making his own play. He is also a great being and if you couldn’t tell he is the “great one” from the two other far more vague stories. He had a name before Velika and my version of the character is portrayed as an actor who sees the world as his stage.