A commission for @Rothanak, The krana zo

hello @Rothanak, I had A design challenge for you

Make a krana following this list of requirements:

It has stud connection.

it can print without supports or rafts

It can fit Mata and metru heads.

It can be printed in TPU, hence the no supports or rafts rule.

you may design the “face” of the krana however you like, just make it look somewhat like a krana.

Thanks in advance, Redstripepakari387

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By commission do you mean that you want to pay me for this design, or are you just giving me a challenge?

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just giving you a challenge to post on thingiverse

(this should’ve been a pm)


what is a pm?

A PM/DM, a Direct Message between select individuals, in this case you and the one you want to converse with.

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oh ok

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