A couple o' Toa

Iunno. I felt like being unoriginal and re-using alot of my old designs but giving them a backstory. So here ya go.
(left-right) Toa Pouri, Toa Hoari

Pouri and Hoari were not part of the same Toa team. Both are the last Toa of two different toa teams. When they first encountered each other, they fought. The fight lasted for days, and eventually, they agreed that they were equally matched. Now they roam the vast fields, looking for any other Toa that might have survived, hoping to create a new Toa team. (This is me saying I’ll probably make more Toa and add them to this team if people like these. Maybe you could tell me what Toa I should make next)

Toa Pouri: Toa of darkness. He relies on cheap tactics and outsmarting his opponents in battle. One could say he’s a pretty shady dude. No, I’m not sorry.

You can even read “lego” on the top of his weapon.


I said he relies on cheap stuffs, right? Well, his sword isn’t a sword. It’s got rounded edges, meant to break opponents’ swords during parries.

Toa Hoari (Toa of ice) is the opposite of Pouri. He insists on a fair fight. Still, he’s learned a thing or two from Pouri, and can sometimes use them. I call him creamsicle.

His weapon is just hardened ice, and he can create as many as he needs. If one breaks (like when he fought Pouri), he can just create a new one.

So iunno, their builds are unoriginal, and their backstories are edgy. If you didn’t like them, here’s something else.

I’m playing tf2
It’d be better with you
Game Grumps Dan is a Jew
Ran outta rhymes. Now shoo


I love the white one.

Especially the forearms…

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what’s that piece on the black one’s chest? it looks like a skrall head

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Funny enough, I spent the least amount of time on him, it’s just that the background makes him look better. I just need to be able to use that black background some more

It is, in fact, a skrall head. My dog chewed up the back end of it, so I turned it into a kind of baseball cap. Couple years later, I slapped it on this guy. If you want, I can show you the full piece.

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I would like to see that picture,

These two are great. I love their complexity and design. The colors are great too.

These looks really fantastic! I love the leg designs on both of them. (do you mind if I maybe use them in a moc or something? I’ll make sure to give credit)

Danke, even tho they’re not complex. Trust me.

The leg design I made a while ago, and have used in alot of my mocs. I’ve seen other people use it in their own mocs over time, suggesting that maybe I’m not the only one to have created it.

So, sure. Go ahead. You don’t really have to give me credit.


I 100% approve. good job.

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I love both of them but by far the best things are the weapons in my opinion.

I like the orange and white one! They’re both very nice!

These are both very well built MoCs!

Also, is it just me, or does the Stormer 3.0 helmet look like Reinhard’s helmet?


When you give the character broad shoulders, it kinda does, yeah.

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I really like the Orange and White one, the Black one’s torso is a little blocky.

Nice swords.

These guys are pretty legit. My only problem is the head on the Toa of Shadow, as it seems to be floating above his body. I would love to see more of these guys, though!

Hoari looks wonderful. Well done! There’s always been something about white, black and orange that bring together a really consistent and dynamic color scheme. Those legs are superb, too. What parts did you use to construct that shin?

Similar problem to your Tahu build, the body is ‘T’ shaped meaning the arms are further out. Thought its partially improved on Hoari, it doesnt look right on Pouri.

That’s just how I build. I like the design, and the extra playability it provides.

The 2016 gear works surprisingly well as a hilt.


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