A creation suggested by the community: Reblatorinax

A week ago, I created this topic:

In this topic, YOU, yes, YOU can help me create a MOC. Should it be robotic? Should it be insectoid? What colour should it be? Red? Blue? Yellow? Should it have wings? What element should it control? Fire? Water? Ice? You decide!

And this is the result:

I based the creation mainly off a dragon. I tried to give it an insectoid head, giving it mandibles. I combined several ideas, such as the colour scheme, using white and a few bits of blue and yellow, and the shoulder pads and the lobster claws. I made the wings out of system, and attempted to make to creation look mechanical.


Behold! The lobster claw shoulder pads!



I would like to thank @Whaddon, @Yveran, @GIF.Man.Ben, @Ghosty, @TheRed1s, @Hutere_The_Toa_of_Air, @Omega_Tahu and @EvilLobsterKing for their suggestions.

Please tell me what you think!


Make it Ginger and a Cat

Make it look more mechanical than organic.

Make a white dragon with a chainsaw arm. /s

Both , but with a chainsaw arm.

Go blue and yellow.

give it dem wings man.

All the elements.


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give it over sized shoulder-pads and gauntlets

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If you have the wings from the first Ant-Man set, use them if you can. Also, green is the way to go with color. Insectoid is also a good idea if you use those wings I mentioned.

Yay! You did it!

Make it System!

This reminds me of something I tried to do. I made a generator to randomly pick stuff to build a MOC. Here. (Sorry for the self promotion, but I don’t want to repost the generator)

Give it a Lobster Claw, if you need designs, I might have a few…

Here’s the final result:


So far…

By any chance can we get more pictures please.


The Lobster Claw shoulder pads are genius, also, that design is really good too, would I be able to use that for a secret project I’m working on?

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By any chance can I get a how to on this?

What head is that? Hero factory?

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That’s a lot of gears. Over all it’s good, but that dragon bolt face really doesn’t do a good job of looking incectoid.

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@GIF.Man.Ben Thanks! I’m not sure if I can do a how to though.
@EvilLobsterKing Thanks! Sure, you can use the shoulder pad design.
@Xing1870 Yes, It is hero factory (dragon bolt from brain attack)
@darkbrick999 Thanks, all the gears were used in an attempt to make it look more mechanical.


Oh, and the posture is excellent, too. (Sorry mods, I couldn’t figure out how to edit my previous post).