A darker ending

Yesterday, good triumphed over evil. The Toa stopped Makuta from escaping the Shadow Realm, before going back to the stars once more, the Shadow Hunter Umarak was destroyed, and Ekimu returned from the Black Mountain with the tale of the Toa’s heroism. With Umarak gone, the Shadow Traps just stopped completely, becoming little more than scrap metal, and a few villagers have begun dismantling them for parts. The Elemental Creatures hung around long enough to help repair the damage from the Beasts’ attack, then headed back to their temples. The Skull Spiders are still a threat, sure, but without the Lord of Skull Spiders to direct them, their attacks are no longer organized. All is well.

Well, it was, anyway. So how did it go so wrong?

I don’t even know. When I went to bed last night, Makuta was trapped in the Shadow Realm, Umarak was dead, Ekimu was awake, and the creatures had gone back to their temples.

When I awoke, Makuta and Umarak were once again loose on Okoto, Ekimu was nowhere to be found, all of the Toa except Gali were dead, and the Creatures and Gali were leading the fight against an army of shadow Beasts – and losing.

Worse, no one seems to remember the events I remember: the Toa’s victories, the liberation of the Ancient City, the awakening of Ekimu. It’s as if they never happened.

Stranger still, the other Protectors aren’t the same. In fact, no one has even heard of Narmoto, Korgot, or the others – except me. Instead, we have Elizo, Larsik, Mirna, Jakron, Nirzin… Nirzin’s the only one I’ve even heard of before.

Does this have anything to do with the Mask of Time? I’ve heard it has many unknown powers, that not even Ekimu knows the full extent of. As far back as any records go, only Ekimu has ever worn it, and him only once. I guess I’m going to go to the Temple of Time and see if I can find some answers. Assuming it’s still there, that is.

And that’s assuming I can even get there. Makuta’s minions are everywhere, making travel outside the villages all but impossible, and word is that Kulta the Skull Grinder is planning on leading an attack against the village of Stone.

Times are most certainly dark, and all hope definitely seems to be lost…

######Author’s note: this is an idea that just popped into my head. Where I go with this remains to be seen. Feed me…



This is really cool. Although I would like to know what happened to the toa

This is an interesting concept. I would love to see where you go with this!

The last time I saw Kulta, he was lying on the ground, maskless and weak, having been defeated by the Toa. Now he’s standing over me, his mace in his hand, the mask of Creation on his face increasing his power.
Just before the Mace can come down and crush me, I manage to swing my own staff, pushing his to the side enough that it misses me. It still grazes my arm, and I wince in pain.
There’s no way I can face Kulta on my own. Kulta, with the Mask of Creation, was powerful enough to defeat all six Toa. Even Ekimu only caught him off guard. I have neither the element of surprise nor a hammer with which to knock off his mask, so I have no choice but to run away.
From the top of the wall, multiple sandstone blasters fire down at Kulta, but they are as innefective as throwing pebbles at a whale. I don’t even bother firing my own blaster at him; better to save the ammo for enemies I actually can use it on, like the Shadow Traps that keep moving into my path as I run, trying to snag my feet and bring me down.
Behind me, Kulta swings his mace, knocking down several buildings. Ahead of me, two Magma Beasts come around the corner, cutting me off from escape. I’m trapped.
I fire off my Sandstone blaster at the creatures. Unlike the Shadow Traps, these creatures don’t retreat from just a single shot, but I do slow them down. Maybe, just maybe, I can get past them and get to the fortress.
Then, someone starts shooting at the Beasts from behind. The Beasts turn to see this new attacker, and in that moment, I slip past them, running as fast as I can toward the door. My rescuer is there, firing at the beasts now behind me, slowing them down. Suddenly, I recognize him – it’s Bingzak!
Bingzak. The kid was from one of the Jungle tribe villages, but after the Skull Spiders took over his village, I saved him and took him in. Now that the Lord of Skull Spiders was gone, we were planning to try and liberate his village, along with the others that the Skull Spiders took over.
That was in my timeline. This one is so different, but I guess Bingzak’s still here. I find myself happy to know that he’s here; I had grown rather fond of the kid.
“Hurry!” he cries.
I “hear” the word in my head, and instinctually act upon it, falling to the ground. Above my head, two Magma blasts stream by, right where I was a moment ago.
Hastily, I get back to my feet and run for the door. Bingzak has already gone back inside. I run in, and the gate drops down behind me. I’m safe, at least for now.
I want to thank my rescuer. “Where’s Bingzak?” I ask.
One of the villagers points back at the gate, and I look at it, confused for a moment. Then I see it: just outside of the gate, a pile of charred armor lies on the ground, right where Bingzak was standing. The Magma blast that I dodged hit him instead.