A Delightful Snowman

Every year, I make a snowman MOC (I love love love snowmen) and this year has to be my personal favourite.


Oh yeah, also he’s a member of the Bohrok Swarm? I guess??


I want that thing outside my yard 24/7.


That is the best stuff I’ve seen all day XD, It’s goofy but a good goofy


“Wow man, where did you find that big carrot? I need one for my snowman!”-child
“Actually it’s a drill in disguise”- you

Nice snowman, or should I say… constractionman

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I really like the shaping.

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This is amazing!
It looks so good!
The shaping is perfect, and it looks so creepy yet adorable and gentlemanly.

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Giant angry snowman here to kick your butt! Ooh Rah!

This is awesome. Very well done.

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Thank you all for the sweet comments! :smile: happy to hear you all like him!

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Ahaha that’s awesome! I dig what you did for the nose. 10/10

I wouldn’t have thought to do something festive with Bionicle, so, very nice.

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He lures you in with his cuddly appearance, and then BAM! Part of the swarm

I love this moc! It has some great parts usage, and it looks really cute. Although, maybe you could try and use some rounder pieces to make it look more cuddly