A demonstration of my personal color scheme choices

I’ve decided to create my own color scheming rules for my own Bionicle AU. I’ve previously posted some suggested color schemes in a discussion thread, but have since refined my choices and put them all on digital models to give visual representation to them. There are images of just the colors on the Matoran, and others of characters I’ve created and plan to use. I haven’t settled on names for any of my Toa yet, but they will be named. As for the colors, here are the rules I follow: There are two primary color options for each element, with three secondary color options. The unused primary color also becomes an option for the secondary color. The mask can be any of the five colors for the element for the Matoran. This, with the planned ten eye color options, along with the 41 standard Kanohi mask shapes that a Matoran would wear (Barring shapeshifted, aquatic, organic, mutated, Nuva, legendary, and Makuta masks) allows for 229,600 unique Matoran configurations. The images won’t be displaying every one of these, rather just the eight color schemes with the eight currently available eye colors, lacking masks. Because the Matoran I will be using all share the exact same build, it did limit the number of unique combinations. The color scheme of a Toa will still follow the same rules as the Matoran. A Toa’s mask colors can be the primary or secondary color of the character, or a tertiary armor color. The tertiary armor color can be one of the unused colors of the element, or a metallic color. The tertiary armor color is optional, as the armor can be the primary or secondary of the character as well. As it is a modified Metru build, the torso has the same three height options, and a fourth in the form of an upside down torso similar to Pohatu. The lower legs can be the standard Metru legs, Rahkshi, Vahki, Hordika, and Piraka leg styles, but cannot be asymmetrical due to the lengths of pieces being different from one another. Shoulder armor, lower leg armor, and chest armor have a wide variety of options each, and can be asymmetrical if one desires since it does not affect the skeletal structure of the character. Tools/weapons add near infinite variety on their own as well, and as I cannot possibly calculate the number of options, just know that they are vast.

Elemental colors are as follows: Fire: Red/Dark Red Primary. Orange, Yellow, Keetorange Secondary.
Air: Green/Lime Primary. Dark Green, Teal, Sand Green Secondary.
Water: Blue/Medium Blue Primary. Dark Blue, Yellow, Orange Secondary.
Ice: White/Sand Blue Primary. Light Grey, Medium Blue, Dark Grey Secondary.
Earth: Black/Purple Primary. Tan, Orange, Keetorange Secondary.
Stone: Brown/Onewa Brown Primary. Tan, Dark Tan, Burnt Orange Secondary.
Lightning: Teal/White Primary. Blue, Dark Blue, Purple Secondary.
Magnetism: Gunmetal/ Dark Blue Primary. Black, Dark Grey, Dark Red Secondary.
Sonics/Sound: Dark Grey/Light Grey Primary. Pearl Light Grey, Red, Medium Blue Secondary.
Gravity: Purple/Dark Purple Primary. Dark Red, Red, White Secondary.
Plasma: Orange/Keetorange Primary. Yellow, White, Medium Blue Secondary.
Psionics/Psychic: Dark Blue/Pearl Gold Primary. Purple, Dark Purple, Dark Gold Secondary.
Iron: Burnt Orange/Pearl Light Grey Primary. Gunmetal, Pearl Gold, Dark Gold Secondary.
Botany/Plantlife: Teal/Dark Green Primary. Brown, Green, Lime Secondary.

Ta Matoran (I’m aware the arms screwed up, but I’m not going to fix that in the render for a while)

Le Matoran

Ga Matoran

Ko Matoran

Onu Matoran

Po Matoran

Vo Matoran

Fa Matoran

De Matoran

Ba Matoran

Su Matoran

Ce Matoran

Fe Matoran

Bo Matoran

Toa of Fire

Toa of Air

Toa of Water

Toa of Ice

Toa of Earth

Toa of Stone

Toa of Lightning

Toa of Magnetism

Toa of Sonics

Toa of Gravity

Toa of Plasma

Toa of Psionics

Toa of Iron

Toa of Botany


We need a Toa of Biology in this universe.

Chemistry, too.


That’s…a lot of color.

I uh

that Toa of Earth has a very nice rake


Yep, earth rake.

I really don’t like Ga-schemes with primary medium blue.

Also, don’t use right away pearl colors from Stud.io. Either try to apply some manual image editing if you have skill for that, replace those with Metallic colors, or use some mods that provide fixes for that