A few questions about the site

So, these are a few things that l've been wanting to ask about this awesome site.

1: why is there a Iimit to only @ing ten people per post, even for masters? Why is there aIso a Iimit to how many Iikes you can give in one day? ls that just part of the site type?

2:This one's kinda a bug, possibly: So, l get how the whole @ symbol allows you to notify someone. But if you try to use the @ symbol without @ing anyone, it can mess with your text unless you're careful. And It will often try to @ the most frequently notified person, in my case Nyran. Is it supposed to do that? Even if it is, it's still bugged.


It's probably to discourage spambots.


That makes sense, but:

I doubt spambots would ever achieve the master badge.


Good point. The mention limit does indeed perplex me. Perhaps it's a site-imposed cap do to limited bandwidth?