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For the past year I have been struggling to be active in the Bionicle community. In that time, I began to reconsider my story and self-moc, Earu the Wise One. After doing some rather deep thinking over last Christmas break I decided that I wanted a self-moc who represented who I was, not an idealized Mary Sue or shining hero. Today I decided that the character that represented me the most was going to have to be a Toa of Light (maybe Av-Matoran). Not a stereotypical one though, one who specializes in the manipulation of light and perspective to create illusions. I’d like to know your thoughts.

Mods, if there is already a topic for questions like this, please move it. Despite being with the site for a year I still am unfamiliar with everything here.


Go for it

Thats a pretty cool idea for a toa of light.

I think that sounds pretty good.

Might wanna work on your username then.

I can’t change it, I did it once already, and it locks after that I think. If you know a way it would be quite appreciated.

PM a mod, they can change it for you

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That’s a good idea

Despite it being a Toa of Light, I don’t think it’s a bad idea, especially since you’ve thought of a good way to make him different from more cliche Toa of Light.

Maybe moniker him as a “Toa of Illusions”, but only really as a title so he’s even more iconic and individual. He would be a Toa of Light in power, but in name something else?

I don’t know, but you should do whatever you feel like you want to!

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Thanks for the feedback guys, I think that I’ve come up with something aoproaching a final product.

“I’m just one big walking lie. Maybe one day all the falsehoods I’ve told will fold in under their weight and make the truth I’ve been looking for.”

“They say that light drives away shadow and illusions, but I just seem to fall farther into them.”

“I don’t even know if this is the real me anymore, it could just be an illusion.”

“It seems unfair that the only beautiful thing I can make is just a lie.”


The colour choice is a bit odd for a Toa of light, but I think it works. I recommend making a MOC topic for this guy.

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Question has been answered.