A little Router project of mine

Does woodworking count as artwork?
'cause if so....

Hand sanded and painted in shop class.


I'm kind of confused on what is says.

Getter 1

As in this


@Looch, good to see someone else understands anime mecha.

Also, Easter egg, if ya rotate the image clockwise.

See it yet?

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I don't see anything. Great work anyway ^^

rotate the image clockwise, and look at it next to the image @Looch posted.

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Oh now I see. Nice touch :smile:

Nowww ya see it. :smile: thanks.

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Pretty nice, you can tell its very smooth and sanded well. The letters are distinct and clear

"Everything they build will fall and from the sanding of their wood... we'll build a GETTER1" :stuck_out_tongue:


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XD Funny, mate.

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Huh. Neat