A Lobster's Simple Creations (MOC Topic)

I hope it is okay for me too have one of these, a bunch other people have these so I wanted one too.

Disclaimer: These will be as simple as can be and made of CCBS as I am working with only the new sets, {which I have all of) and a few Hero Factory sets. I mostly create MOCs to create characters.

So to kick this of we have the Guardian of Stone, make of this what you will, it will be explored in a story that I plan to write and publish at some point in the future.





Stowed on His Back.

Wielding His Weapons.

Spooky. Scary.

There that’s the first one, rip it to shreds, hey @Ekorak that’s your job right, it was made for a story. If anyone cares I might post the other MOCs I have lying around…


First of all, you have joined the ranks of moc topics!

Second of all, I really dig this moc. Now that may be because i’m in love with the stone colour scheme, but anyway… I really like the bulk of the top, reminds me almost of groot? I think you may have over done the add on armour pieces, but it doesn’t matter too much, it still gives that look of ‘bulkyness’. Love the weapon, really solid. Blue pins are a bit eh, but it’s at the back so who bloody cares?? Always love me a good ol’ CCBS moc and this chap is no exception. He’s an absolute ledge and I love him.

I was expecting a lot worse, thanks for your support…

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I think this is actually pretty good considering it’s more of a space holder MOC. Only things I have to say are that maybe you should get rid of some of the protector chestplates, as it looks like they limit arm mobility. Love those feet!

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I like the general look of the MOC itself, yet I feel the massive sword is just a bit too large for this MOC. The two smaller swords work well though.


It’s beautifull.

looks nice and well. Really like it’s protector aesthetics. Disproportionately large sword might be a problem, but that can pass

You see, this, this here is the perfect example of overusing the new addon. I like it in small doses…but sheesh, this guy has NINE. IT would be a pretty cool CCBS build if that wasn’t so overdone.


Defiantly see your points there, I’ll try stripping it down a bit, when I get home from school today.

I agree totally, that’s why for the two handed shot I needed to give him a solid base to stand on, the huge sword is for the purpose of the story. Well I shall attempt to improve upon those points and upload more images…

Nice! 8.5/10


quote=“EvilLobsterKing, post:1, topic:8861”]
These will be as simple as can be and made of CCBS as I am working with only the new sets, and a few Hero Factory sets. I mostly create MOCs to create characters.

I know the feeling.

I have many pictures, this is will be a positively huge wall of text and images. Lets get to it.

First we have the update to the Guardian of Stone. It’s pretty simple, just took some stuff of. I actually like it better now, thanks @Ekorak and @ToaKeravnos

…Okay, now something new, this is an Ancient Dragon. This one is pretty weird, it looks like a Muppet, oh well. The other thing that makes it interesting is that I wanted to make a dragon, so I started to do that, then it became a winged huminiod for a while, then it went back to dragon.



Wings Up.



It’s Mouth Opens.

Action Pose. Rawr.

Okay then, well one more little one. This is the Gravedigger of Okoto, he has a shovel and no mask. The images here go Front, Back, Shovel, Action.

Okay then that’s it for now, let me know what you think, rip 'em apart, it’s up to you…


I think the Guardian of Stone looks much better without some of those armour plates, and the other two MOCs aren’t bad either. Gravedigger looks a little simplistic, but I do like him, as he gives me a “Shovel Knight” vibe(love that game). Last but not least, the Ancient Dragon looks really nice IMO, but I think you could make it more feral by giving it claws as oppose to HF feet. I like the use of those new shooters though!


The guardian looks better!

The dragon is my favorite here, very pleasing!

The grave digger is an interesting concept, but could be pulled off a little better. Maybe change the chest?

Dragon’s funny, quirky and weird, while the grave digger’s average. Other then that Great job!

Guardian Of Stone 8/10
Ancient Dragon 5/10
Gravedigger Of Okoto 6/10

I am going out today to grab some more sets, probably including PoJ, PoS and Pohatu, so that will be implemented soon…

Also to @helryx and @JMP I will probably update him at some point when I get more pieces or disassemble my Luxray…

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I have created 2 new totally awesome MoCs out of my original BONKLE peices. Here they are and they are totally perfect in every way…

…Can I summon @Ekorak and @Overlord_Taipu (that’s Hawkflight right?) because I challenge you to find a problem with it…


where can I buy these?


already got my pre-order ready :smiley:

if there was a twitch builds bionicle this would be the result xD
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