A Mantle To Take On | A Ninjago Fan Story

Welcome To Ninjago City.
The words echo from the machine as Pitch takes out his card from the slot.
Finally. He thought. He stepped through the gate. It was bustling through the streets, each alleyway swollen with people. Vendors shouted and steaming aromas wafted everywhere. Vehicles of all shapes and sizes were everywhere, a rainbow of colors, just like the people themselves. Guards and police strode nonchalantly. As it grew darker, the city seemed endless. Pitch walked through the thinning crowds as everyone departed to their homes. He soon arrived at a graveyard. He walked to the center of the graveyard,the crunching of grass and leaves accompanying him. The cold wind cut around him, howling through the graves. He entered a small circle, with multiple statues. “27 years.” He said. “Its been that long. I can’t believe it even if the world told me.”
“Remind me again, why do they matter?” A voice behind him asked.
Pitch turned. A group stood before him, dressed in armor of colors.
“And you’re their replacements. Care to even acknowledge them?” He replied.
“Who cares about them. We protect the people now.”
“Do you even know how they died? There was a brutal final attack on them. Kai was the first to fall in the ambush. Then Nya fell to her own water magic, sacrificing herself. Wu fell to his death. Zane was shredded by an axe wielder. P.I.X.A.L. was shattered by a missile. Jay was impaled by a spear. Cole made a final stand, taking many with him. And then Lloyd. He fought bravely, but in the end, he was driven mad by loss and power. To take on such a mantle, is to take a death sentence. They knew that. At the height of their power, they did not fear death. But in all of you, there is a reek of fear, a reek of corruption.”
One of them stepped forward. “You know nothing of us! We are more powerful they could eve-” Pitch rose his hand, the backtalkers neck found tight in his grip. “I know more about you than you know about yourselves. Ever fear, every nightmare imaginable… I’ve tasted your suffering, your pain, and it is not genuine. You have never known true regret, true sorrow, but you will. This mantle will make sure of that.” He said, intensity crackling throughout his words. He released the foolish would-be ninja. “It means you will face death, and you will deal death, and you must stay strong, or suffer yourself from pain unimaginable.”
The human skin disappeared from Pitch, revealing what he was.
“Y-you’re, you’re an oni!” One of them exclaims.
“Yes. I am. Heed my warnings. Or face the consequences, would-be ninja.”
And with that, Pitch was gone, gone with the wind.


loooks great!