A Most Dubious Individual

I posted two pictures of this guy on 8/10, and after my mom said it’s her new favorite MOC I’ve made, I decided I’d post a few more pictures of him.

I’ve been calling him Trench, but I haven’t really thought of a proper name.

I stole BORROWED the head design from a user on Scratch named WoofWoofKing, who is a well-known member of The Bionicle Studio on that site (though since I was last active, WoofWoofKing has moved away from Scratch). The hat was my addition, though.

He’s quite a poseable figure despite his rather small size, with a standard amount of articulation in his legs, not including his claws. He also has 2 pairs of arms, the upper pair having additional shoulder articulation. His lantern is what particularly interested my mom, as she thought it looked haunting with his bug-like appearance.

I haven’t come up with a backstory, but my thought process is that he is very protective of the lantern and deals in stolen goods.

Let me know what y’all think, and as usual, I can post breakdown photos if you want to build one of these (quite a simple build, I’d recommend it).


hes kinda cute


hmm he is a rather dubious looking fellow…
very cute! i like his hat!


Very nice little moc. I like the all-black design and the overall aesthetic is pretty cool. Neat job

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Forgot to add this picture I took - he hangs from trees sometimes.

Thanks! I used just about all of my black 2 axles on him :/

I think the idea originally came from when I did a presentation in biology about bubonic plague. The doctors were quite interesting characters.

His eyes do have a certain effect, don’t they…