A new foe for Okoto

Ok so G2's villains are rather lacking, and as cool as LOSS is I feel the Skull spiders need a real leader, one from G1. but that can wait, for now this little teaser.

"I should have known..."

"The 'Lord' of Skull spiders... Kulta, both too stupid to have actually lead the Skull spiders... So tell me, who are you?"


And the full build


Roodaka eh? Alright.

Although the "witch" comment has made me wonder what she would look like with some sorcerer inspiration. If I ever get around to making a Roodaka revamp I might play around with the idea.

Witch Doctor? :stuck_out_tongue:

I was going for something along the lines of Ekimu just referring to their rather easy control of the spiders but that is an interesting idea.

Oh hey...