A pair of legs.... WIP

Just a WIP for a moc. I've never been good at making larger than average mocs. I mean, I'm worse at it than anything else. And I also suck at making legs. All my mocs seem to skip leg day.
So here is ONLY leg day. So far.

The feet are even more of a WIP.

Red pins will disappear in time.

Workings of the legs.

Back. I'll probably smooth it out, and fix that gray liftarm.


Testing out the flexibility, and also imma get rid of that gap.

So... what should I do with this guy? What should he be? How much do the legs make you want to play Sudoku?


The legs seem fairly sturdy and well done. I'm not much of a fan of the way the thighs bend to fit in with the hips.

Nice legs.
I like em.

Funny... that's the only part of the legs I do like.

But... but why. I don't... that's why I wanted you guys to help me change them


Who needs arms when you got legs like those?
Good wip, dude!

Those hand/connector pieces hanging of the ankles bug me a little. Maybe you could put a claw piece at the end of it and turn the feet into talons?

the gap looks bad, but other than that it loos good!

This MOCs color scheme reminds me of a Toa of Steam MOC I saw a few years ago. (and a Toa of Steam MOC I made but never finished) So I think it should be a Toa of Steam.

I don't have any problems with the design, except for the feet being kind of strange.

You forgot a chest and a head, but yeah. I agree.

... claw... piece... claw piece... hmm. But, like, what claw piece.

Hence why I said I'd fix the gap. But danke

Yis. Imma make an actual foot for him.


Gern geschehen!

Maybe the black "talon" pieces on LoSS and UtD

look pretty cool

Incredibly messy, at the moment. I'd say get rid of the Metru feet on the back of the thighs and clean up the back of the lower legs. Maybe just use some standard feet as opposed to custom ones? Also the area around the ankles is really blocky. I'd suggest just using a standard CCBS bone for the thighs. If you're using those armor pieces there's no sense in doing a custom build that uses a lot of parts and also looks messy. As for the lower legs, structurally I'm not entirely certain how they're put together but I'd suggest doing everything you can to get rid of those technic bits in the ankles.

I do like the use of that HF 1.0 shin guard though, it works nicely with the CCBS shell there.


Of those, I have a grand total of zip. I wish I did.


I agree.

I'd need some other dark red there, and I'm quite short on it. And I like the back of the lower legs. You're asking me to get rid of the red pohatu nuva claw, due to the build.

Tried that, looks horrible. I don't have too many standard feet. The metru ones on the back are one of 5 pairs I have left. Oh, and none of the others are red, black, or blue.

I know. I was planning on revising the lower part of that.

Yyyeeeaah... the shell doesn't fit if I do that. And I've even tried some technic'd up bones, and none of them worked as well as this.


btw guys, what Maeth did was what I need more of. Plez.

What Maethor did you need MOAR of?

Oh boi, time to unleash.

First off, the lower legs, while the armor fits together TRUELY beautifully. Sadly the legs themselves lack any real shape and the frame itself appears slapped together. Were this my design I would drop the front part, flip the Skrall armor/ Pohatu claw combo to the front, and work from there, but that may not be to your speed.

I'll skip the feet because you mentioned you would be fixing them.

The thighs....oh these thighs...the concept is there, but the visual weight is all screwy and the strange technic at the top is nothing short of ugly. I'd recommend a more traditional connection, because what you have going seems near unworkable.

An alternative to the earlier suggestion to move the back armor to the front would be to move the back armor of the lower legs to the front of a new thigh design and leave the front as-is, with a new backing which would have more actual shape. This would give a distinctive visual weight, while keeping some of the style you have going.

Just my suggestions, no offense intended.

O... o dam. RIP my soul.

Also, with all those suggestions... that stuff requires work and effort.. I'm not about that. That aint me.
And I see what you mean by the technic stuff being ugly and all, but irl that stuff looks much better than it does in the pictures. I'd rather it look great to me and not to the camera than change it so the pictures look good.

Also, for now, I'm going to work on the body first. After I have alot more of him built, I'll post that. And while people are responding to that, I'll work on the legs and feet. Probably.

Did the finalised MOC ever get completed?

Seeing as how you're sifting through and replying to all my mocs, I suppose you'll find it eventually :>

Nope, just the unread topics that i didnt get around to before. Besides, have'nt seen it in any of the more recent topics of yours.

I looked at the recent tab... it was only my mocs, and in order of when I made them

But, y'know, ok

(also, the moc that these legs are on changed since I posted it, and I just haven't gotten around to updating it. So don't shove me in the oven and roast me that hard, k buddy? Thanks, means alot <3)