A Pohatu MOC

A MOC of Pohatu I built to test a new body build I came up with.
Better and more pictures in the Flickr album: Pohatu | Flickr
I hope you like it.


It feels cluttered but I really like it, maybe needs more brown

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He’s too bulky his torso is too short, his arms are too long the weapons have open ball joints, and the weird paint affect you put over him doesn’t do anything but distract once you notice that its there.

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All I can say is Meh.
The body is too bulky compared to the rest of the MOC, and The Weapons just don’t work.
Also needs more brown

the skeleton is pretty nice tho

@LTVmocs, Is he a bit cluttered? What do you mean by that?

@AwesomeJoel27, His weapons have open ball joints because I only used parts that I had left over after I built a Makuta entry from all of my G2 sets. Also “weird paint affect”? There was no editing on the pictures on Flickr, just this one due to file size limitations.

@Toa_Distraxx, He is bulky because his Nuva form is bulky (in my opinion). He lacks a lot of brown because I only used leftover parts. What do you mean his weapons don’t work?

he has awkward proportions especially his shoulders, and I think what people mean by clustered is the overuse of armor shells and the 2015 add on. Nice try though

Proportions? This is BIONICLE we are talking about! (/sarcasm) He has three armor shells and one add-on on each arm: normal. He has two armor shells and one add-on on each leg: normal. He has one armor shall and add-on on the back: normal. He has four armor shells and one add-on on the front: one more then on some protectors which is what his build is an expansion of, and the extra bit is necessary.

I think I should point out to every one that this is not a “try”. This is a “I wonder if I could build a protector with an upside down body”, and then making it work on two figures, the second of which is seen here. Some things about him may seem odd, and they are ALL because of limitations that I placed on myself. In regards to the “I hope you like it” in the original post, I was referring the skeleton, not the added stuff.

How on earth did you get a picture with that big a file size!

They just don’t look like Pohatu Weapons. Maybe change them to something like the 2015 Weapons? But, it’s just my opinion, you don’t need to change them. Also, I just realized the weapons have ball joints on them. Why is that?

As for Pohatu Nuva being bulky…
Hang on let me just look at Pohatu Nuva…

oh yeah he is kinda bulky :upside_down:

@AwesomeJoel27 Quality camera with bad lighting and noisy background?

@Toa_Distraxx I agree that his boomerangs would look better, but I used them in my Makuta Contest entry and I am not taking that apart. What I made instead are based off the Climbing Claws that his Nuva form had as he is meant to be a hybrid of Nuva and Master. The ball joints are because I ran out of the right kind of parts.