A Post Self-Deleted A Quote

This isn’t really an “issue”, per se, but I did just have the boards do something kind of weird, and I figured I’d document it in case anyone else has something similar happen.

Just now, I posted a reply, quoting part of the post that I was replying to. However, within seconds of posting my reply, my post edited itself to remove the quote, leaving only the text that I typed. This left an Edit marker on the top of the post, as if I had edited it myself. I then actually edited the post myself to reinsert the quote, at which point it stayed as I left it. This resulted in a second Edit marker on the post, despite the fact that this all happened within 30 seconds of replying, and without anyone else interacting with the post (as far as I know).

Again, this wasn’t really a problem, I’ve just never seen that happen before.

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I actually had the same thing happen to me a couple of months ago. My best guess on why this happened, based on looking at the message the system gave for the edit, is that since you were quoting the entirety of the most recent post in the topic, the system felt that doing that would be somewhat redundant, as it is pretty clear which post you are replying to

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Weirdly this has also happened to me. It’s pretty annoying, but usually I just add the quote back in after I have posted.

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Yeah, I’ve had this happen for… Probably over a year now. It’s a dumb issue, but the cause (and solution) was proposed in the HSH a while ago.

Simply, the boards considers the quote to be the entirety of the message above, and so removes it to stop repetition of information. There are two easy ways to fix this.

  1. Quote twice. If you have two quotes in your message the system won’t delete either of them. This solution, of course, requires two things to respond to.

  2. Add text before the quote. Sometimes, this is very applicable to the circumstance, and other times, it’s very much not. You can still add text above a quote without it being visible, but I’d prefer you pm me if you want to find out how that operates since I’d rather not have people using it to break the rules.

But yes, it’s happened a lot and at this point if I’m starting the post with a quote I add text in at the top to stop it from happening. Nowadays if I forget and it happens, I can’t be bothered to edit it back in.


You forgot secret opinion 3:

Edit the quote, like removing the last period, or changing a word, like this


Secret option 4:

Sigh in frustration, shatter your hopes and pride, and edit your post while re-quoting what you wanted to in the first place.



this is impossible. I will continue to use my super secret genius cheat technique to evade the law of the auto edits

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