A Prehistoric WIP

Heey, everyone
It's been a while since I made a Dinosaur. I think it's time for another one, but I'm not done with this one yet

Here are the pictures of what I have so far



Well that's all I have for now, please give me some ideas as I'm still working on the plates and the body

Thanks for viewing C&C is always accepted
Hoped You Enjoyed!
Also, can you guess the species of this dino?


That head, is simply amazing.
Everything else is okay, a little simple though.


Head is great, the tail looks sorta weird with the grey piece. Try using system maybe?


@Frost thanks, the legs are just copied from my Ankylosaur but I might change it if I find a better design

@Omega_Tahu thanks too, I'll try using with what I've got

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I'm a little worried the head and legs won't blend.

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Thanks for the feedback
I'll probably keep the feet but use system instead of CCBS bones

Update on tail:

No more boring old technic pieces
What do you think?

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