A Question About Time Energy and the Vahi's Creation

So, we know that the Vahi is the deposit of all the universe’s time energy, since it’s a Legendary mask. However, does that mean that before Vakama forged it, that time energy was not contained, and could be feasibly accessed and controlled if one could make a powerful enough device? Is the Makutas’ ‘slow’ power a manipulation of time energy, or completely unrelated?

Also, the Vahi was forged from 6 great disks, each one of a different element. Were there more great disks for the other elements, such as Iron, Gravity, Magnetism, Plasma, Plant-Life, Sonics, and Psionics, and if so, could one forge them together into another Mask of Time? If that’s possible, what would it mean for time in the Matoran Universe?