A Question for German/German-Speaking Bionicle Fans

I was accepted for a study abroad program to Germany last year, which, due to covid of course, has been postponed for some time. I’m from Canada and don’t speak German at the moment, but plan to spend the intervening months practicing and studying the language.
As for the question: are there scans online for the German translations of the Bionicle books as there are for the English variants? If so, can someone provide a link? Further, if anyone knows of any prominent German fansites, I would love to hear about them so that I may lurk there (lol).
Thanks for any help!


I’d be curious about this, too. I took an online German about a year and a half ago and my German has gotten a bit rusty since then.

I don’t know about the online scans but this https://chronistwiki.de/wiki/Chronist-Wiki:Hauptseite is the site I usually go to. The tranparency makes it a bit hard to read sometimes but you find pretty much everything there.


As MakutaKirakh said, there’s the Chronist Wiki, which is basically German BS01.

I’m not aware of any other site, though.

I also don’t have any idea where/if you can potentially find books and stuff online, but as far as I know, only the comics exist completely in German. Definitely keep away from “Das Universum von Makuta” (Makuta’s Guide to the Universe), that thing is full of translation errors. The only other books I know exist in German are Legends 6 and 7, called “Legenden 1: Stadt der Verlorenen” and “Legenden 2: Die Gefangenen der Grube”. Those are alright if I remember correctly, but also take some translation liberties.

MNOG also exists in German, I think.

You could also watch the movies in German. Some(?) of those might even be on YouTube. Though if they have subtitles is another question.
Maske des Lichts
Legenden von Metru Nui
Netz der Schatten
Die Legende Erwacht (I… think that’s what Legend Reborn is called in German. Only ever watched that once.)


Really? I’ve never noticed…

It frequently confuses singular and plural. Also some typos in names. And of course weird translations. It’s really on a level where you might think it was just put through Google translate.

Posted some examples a while ago:


Ok. I definitely remember Takuta.

Interesting! I would have thought for sure that all the books would have been translated (nevermind properly). Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

The fact that most books didn’t exist in German was actually the reason why I really started to get into English.

Though of course that was quite craftily engineered by my parents. They gave me the original encyclopedia and the first four books at a time where I could only about name a few colours, fruits and animals in English. Didn’t understand a thing from the encyclopedia at first, but after about a year of proper English lessons in school and with my dad’s help I finally managed to decipher stuff. And man was that the key to deeper Bionicle lore.


Classic. Props to your parents; here I am trying to do the same thing to myself, 15 years later :stuck_out_tongue:

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