A question to do with Orde's origin

Sorry for the confusing title, it’s just so specific I have no idea what to name it.

One thing that seems somewhat confusing to me with Orde’s origin. His actions due to his emotions cause all subsequent toa/matoran/turaga of Psionics to be female.

Except, if the Great Beings are still around to make such a decision, surely he wouldn’t yet have the personality necessary to actually create the need for this change in the first place?

Just wondering about your thoughts on that.


Unless there was a flaw in his creation to begin with.



It just always seemed a little odd to me given the circumstances of the story.

If it was just a glitch of some sort on his part though I’m somewhat confused as to why they’d instantly switch genders instead of simply correct his programming.

Then again these are the same guys who made the Baterra and a giant universe-containing robot in response to the core war so maybe it’s not worth looking into too much.

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Unless said flaw was only present in men, which isn’t entirely out of the question; different real-world diseases and other illnesses frequently cause gender-specific symptoms all the time.
For example, Toxoplasmosis can cause schizophrenia-like symptoms in some of those infected (possibly the origin of the term “crazy cat lady”), but so far, only men have reported losing the ability to smell… uh… well, just look it up for yourself. So if the GBs were under the impression that every male they created would be susceptible to the same glitch, then switching genders suddenly makes a whole lot more sense.
It should be noted that they were also sort of in a race against the clock when developing the GSR, so spending time they probably didn’t have trying to fix something relatively minor in comparison to finishing the project in order to save the planet likely wasn’t that high on their list of concerns.


If you say so.

Just seemed a little odd to me is all :stuck_out_tongue: