A Quick Look into the Past

I thought the new fans would find this interesting and to look back on and see how time flies!


Perhaps you should change the name of the topic. Maybe “A quick lookback” would be better, because someone marked this as spam.


Sorry, I didn’t realize.

Ah yes, the Kahi interview… this truly is interesting to see how the dyanmic has changed over time.



God, Eljay sounds hilarious!

Bro, not even. Like, Meso and Kahi have changed far more than Eljay.

But yeah, going off what Meso said, now that Kahi’s become a member, been around for a while, he’s of course more comfortable, and much more open about being a jerk. To Eljay.

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eljays voice!
mesos voice!
this is amazing!

Finding this topic again is a look into the past in of itself….

Meso’s Cyborg voice ftw.