A Sci-Fi-esquish drawing

I’ve been binging on Laserdance so much that the imagery of their covers got to my head. So, enjoy this bit of terrible sci-fi scenery where you will be able to see that I cannot into landscapes

And yes, I did a Mock-up version that emulates a Laserdance album cover

…even though a cooler name for a BIONICLE/Spacesynth project would be OKOTO…

Why am I like this?

Feels good to be able to use my tablet again though, man

Do not double post. -Eljay


cool, though i might suggest to stop double posting as its against the rules.

Nice city you got there.

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Why thank you, I built it myse-

Wait no I didn’t

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wow. nah i’m just saying it cause its happened a bunch of times to me.

Ah okay

He’s right. It is against our rules, which you should have read by now.

Alright, then.
I apologize, it must have slipped my sieve of a mind.

That looks really cool, I like how Tanma’s just standing there.

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And I’ve made two more Mock-Up covers based off Laserdance covers, with what I ripped off

Please help me