A (SFX:) menacing face

A friend of mine requested I draw Eljay two days ago and I do not know why. But it was a good idea.
Sadly, I’m awful at faces and accuracy thereof,
Here we have a monochrome version

And here he is in color

You may see what I was trying to do there and yes I actually wanted to also draw him a Stand. I already kinda have a concept.
Hmm, Should I?


He looks fabulous


Also thank!

A face of a god.

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What is this? Why is this? Where is this?


Pretty nice, I like the inclusion of the little gear hanging off his ■■■■■.

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Is it bad your style reminds me of hiroko araki’s a bit?

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I never thought I’d say this on the boards, but I feel very uncomfortable looking at this. :+1:


looks like eljay mixed with doomguy from 1993

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Hearing that actually made my day! Thanks so much!


Pretty cool so far too.

Seems fairly accurate, though he needs a beard and things

I don’t know why, but that face is kind of giving me the creeps

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